Happiness Holiday’s

I cannot believe it’s November.  Strolling by the aisle of Halloween candy, admiring the 50% off sign, I was pondering, ‘Christmas  is right around the corner’. Unreal!

stevejobsThat prompted me to ponder outside my box, and wonder what other people’s holidays are going to be like. Long gone are the days when I was distraught because my florist hadn’t arrived on time to start decorating the staircases. That seems like a lifetime ago, and its hard to believe it was in my lifetime. Thank you Jesus for the simple life I have today.

How can I encourage others within this time of year that so many dread, or wish to ignore?

When I first started this Blog, I did an Og Mandino post, The Seeds of Success. Months later, readers still find it and view it, so that gave me a revelation. Another one of Og’s book is A Better Way to Live. Within that book are some rules to live by, so here we go.

Each week, now through Christmas, I will post a couple of rules a week. The posts will be brief, I hope, so tune in  here for some heartfelt encouragement! It’s time to enjoy, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friends and family and reflect over this past year. A new year is less than a couple of months away, so start believing now…it’s gonna be the best year ever! Believe.



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