Your Teflon Umbrella

I received this yesterday from a Blog I follow, Positive Outlook Blogs. It reminded me of all the storms I survived last year. This doesn’t include the ones created over my lifetime. Just the ones from 2014 were massive enough.

Man walking at sunsetNobody enjoys storms. Sometimes they are created by previously made choices that can compound into a storm. Sometimes they are created by others and I don’t tolerate drama very well. If I cannot remove that person from my circle, if they are family, I set strict boundaries and make it clear that I won’t participate in their drama. I can pray for them but cannot fix them or what they’re going through. It’s best to leave it in God’s hands.

The one thing I know about storms is, we are a better person afterwards. Just like the post says, “You won’t be the same person who walked in.” I barely remember my storms. What caused them and how I survived. It’s kinda like childbirth where you don’t remember the pain so much, because you’re left holding the most precious of gifts afterwards. We need to break out our umbrellas made of Teflon and weather every storm. No running allowed. Stand firm, hold your ground, and come out of it a better person than the one who walked in.


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