For the Love of Katy House

The love of and within a good home. That is The Katy House. Standing tall on the corner of Ramona Street in Smithville, TX, this Bed and Breakfast draws you in. It welcomes you to take a closer look and soak up the love within these walls. Many people have made lasting memories here, including me. Bruce and Sallie poured their heart and souls into this house and it poured out on everyone who entered. They had enough love to fill this house.

katyhouseNow it’s Stu and Linda Leibowitz turn. Bruce and Sallie sold the Inn to move onto the next chapter in their lives. I had the pleasure of meeting them this Valentine’s Day weekend and they are perfect for Katy House. To witness a couple so grounded in their element brings joy to my life and many others. God sent the right Innkeepers to take the keys to this Inn.

signEvery Inn has their trademark and Katy House has a sign similar to this in every guest room. It was Sallie’s rule to live by and she shared it. As long as Bruce and she have been married I’m thinking she knows her stuff. Thank you Sallie.

The new Innkeepers are making little tweaks to the Inn. Not to harm the integrity but to put their hand print on it in various places. You know how much I love bling, so of course, this caught my eye immediately upon entering! The love of a good chandelier. bling1

I’m not positive this was intentional but, this Mama has so much bling, they didn’t install all the candelabra’s! I’m guessing everything at Katy House is done with charming intent, so they chose not to blind their guests upon arrival. However, handing out sunglasses as you enter would be kinda fun. staircase

Junior bling is stationed in the foyer. I love this old staircase. Wow, If it could talk! Simple elegance abounds in this B&B. I wonder how many brides have walked down? How many toddlers learned to navigate wooden stairs here? I bet they still creak in the same spots.

IMG_20150214_162202879All of the rooms are uniquely inviting. They have Texas charm, starched, white and quilted. One of my favorites is The Tower. It stands alone behind the main house and the first time I went up the stairs, they were frozen. The stairs may have been solid, cold and rigid, but once inside the warmth envelopes you like an old friend.

I noticed this pillow immediately upon entering Katy Tower this weekend. Maybe this is a Linda fingerprint because I don’t remember it when Sallie was here. It’s one of my favorite sayings, so much so it has its own Blog written.

Thank you Bruce and Sallie for giving us The Katy House to fall in love with and within. Thank you Stu and Linda for keeping it there.

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