Let’s Get Nekkid

My last Blog raised a few eyebrows when I asked about your love life. It was two sentences there that made people gasp. This part, “you better strip down and stand naked in front of your lover until something happens”, is where the gasping took place. I’m here to elaborate, there’s a big difference between being naked and being nude.

intimacyThe last Lesson of the Letting Go Process that I went through was the toughest. They made it the last for a reason. If it would have taken place any sooner in the process, I probably would have stopped right there. I know I slammed on brakes when I first saw it, but fortunately, I had already gone through 9 lessons and was pretty clean on the inside.

That was good because this one was entitled, “Letting Go of Negative Sexual Energy”. I wasn’t concerned about sexual energy, much less if it was negative. I had struck out on my own to renew my relationship with God and raise my teenage daughter to the best of my abilities. I didn’t think I needed Lesson 10, but oh boy, did I need it.

Do you feel good about yourself? Our bodies reflect the way we feel. Our bodies house everything we store inside. By letting go, you are basically cleaning house. We watch ourselves in the mirror while getting dressed, but did you look at your body before the clothes? I didn’t. I would have started criticizing everything I saw wrong with it. My body would not qualify for what the world views as sexy. God says we are not of the world, just in it. My body is where the Holy Spirit dwells, so it was time to take a look and work toward adjustments.

lovemyselfIt’s all about acceptance. Accepting who I was and opening myself up to who God wanted me to be. Taking a long look in the mirror, with no clothing to hide behind, was the toughest thing I’d done in a long time. We are all beautiful in God’s eyes and that’s good enough for me. To put it straight up, if we’re full of crap, then that is what’s going to manifest in our lives. Clean house!

So, getting naked is not about sex. That is only a physical act that should come long after we can become naked in front of a mirror and in front of God. When you have nothing on the inside to give, the body will step up and say, “Take me!” When you allow all the goodness to fill up the inside of you, it will overflow through your body onto others. Goodness doesn’t want to dwell in a landfill, no matter how sanitary we think it is. Letting Go cleans the inside to give us a strong outside. Let’s clean house.


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