I woke up this morning with the sun lighting the room. Goodness pouring in through the windows. I jumped up, grabbed a cup of coffee, went out on the porch and stood in it. Feeling the warmth on my face, all the way down to my feet. That is how my life feels today, thanks to God and his goodness. I just wanna bathe in it.

goodnessThere are a lot of small things that come together to make a great life. I’ve learned, it’s not just one thing, its tiny particles, or servings on a plate. Some people believe if they have the right person, that will make their life whole. You have to ‘be’ a whole person all by yourself, and then you will attract someone to share yourself with. Being a whole person attracts lots of people who want to feed off you, because you have what they want. Don’t allow it. God has someone better than you in store for you.

I love plates, and find myself collecting them as a hobby. It’s just my daughter and me living together, so I don’t need the large place settings anymore. Antique shops carry beautiful plates, and you can buy just a few of each pattern. If a pattern catches my eye, I will look to see what condition they’re in, how much they cost, and how many are there.

I tend to purchase two or three. Not having a lot of cabinet space is a factor and I’m not a materialistic being anymore. I don’t want to take something simple that brings me joy, over into obsession. With the eclectic look being popular, buying just a couple of the same pattern works. If we have more people at the table than the two of us, the plates don’t match, but they complement one another.

They enhance and complement one another, and we get to enjoy what they are holding. We fill our plates with what will nourish us. We will get too full and become miserable if we eat too much, so balanced proportions are key. Once the plate is scraped clean, we get to enjoy the beauty of the plate itself.

You are the great Chef of your life. Imagine yourself as a beautiful plate and start placing things in your life, that will feed you. Things that nourish your soul and strengthen your mind. Sometimes the plates I love the most have a small crack, or chip in them. They are not perfect. They have been through some stuff. A stack of plates caught my eye, and they had a sign sitting on top of them. It stated that these were not in perfect condition. Hand wash and handle with care. The sign was giving me a heads up, if I bought these, I would have to be careful with them. Isn’t that how we should treat everything and everybody we love? Clean your plate and bask in the beauty of it.



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