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A few months ago, I posted this Blog  I’m Drowning But Don’t Save Me.  Just a few days ago I died. It took months for it to happen because everything takes time. What I learned in that time is the difference between life and death.

I love to write. Words are very important to me and they fall out of my heart and onto paper, or in this case, a screen. Normally, I use a picture of a quote within my Blog to make it more attractive or prettier. Today, I don’t need to  because I can paint you a picture with my words. I can open my heart, and allow the words to fall out for you to see. It’s up to you how carefully you read and hear. We have to die a few times in life before we are able to really live.

I learn to wait. In October, 2014, I wrote Every Little Thing. Notice the difference in the amount of words in these two titles. I have learned it doesn’t take a lot of words to say something. If you look at my ‘Recent Posts’ listened on the right side of my home page, you will see a pattern. The titles are all three words or less. You are reading this Blog and you clicked on it because of the title. I hope by reading it, you are filled up with what is here for you to receive.

I love my music. My favorite song at this very moment is Mr. Hotness himself, Brett Eldredge, Mean To Me. Brett is very nice to look at, but I learned long ago, it’s not what I see on the outside that matters. It’s always the inside first and that will ooze through the pores for me to see. Today, this song tells the story of the man I want to love me. That is where I am. I don’t have to have his love, just the man. Love takes time and I am learning to wait for that man.

The sun is hitting the screen of my laptop now and it’s showing all the dust. I love to write but looking at the screen does not bring me joy. This tells me it’s time for me to stop typing and move on to the next thing I love. This Blog has written with love and it flowed from my heart through my fingers. It’s written throughout and I hope you can feel it.