The Key to Happiness

A foundation of happiness. Rooted and grounded in pure joy. This took years to establish, but today it’s unshakable, thank you Jesus. I refuse to give anyone my joy. They need to find their own because mine is not for them. Mine.

keyOnce you have the feeling inside you of pure joy, it’s hard to give it up. It’s a feeling like no other! To be rooted in Christ and grounded in oneself, is quite an accomplishment. It’s a struggle to have one without the other. Then I would find myself out of balance from focusing on one more than the other.

People see me and think I’m always happy. That is not necessarily the case, but I choose not to dwell on the negative. God has allowed me to go through some storms and they have made me stronger and better. It takes a lot to upset me and it has to be baystanding front and center to snag my attention.

Letting Go has taught me just that. Look at it, ask some questions, if it’s not going to compliment my life then Let It Go! If it’s important it will come back at another time where it may have a place. Time always tells.

My daughter Bailey, at 15 is learning all this. She is learning it’s not all about her and she is not responsible for others people’s happiness. They have to have it in them first before it can flow onto others. The other day she said something to a friend that has been going through a rough spot. He said her comment made him mad, but we know, he was mad before she said it. Her words at the perfect moment unleashed it and boom!

She took this picture a little while later. Perfecting a joyful jump! Go girl.


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Life becomes really beautiful after 50. Everything before then is practice. xx #alcoholic #breastcancersurvivor #singlemom #lifeoverfifty

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