Think and Grow Rich

One of my favorite books is by Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich.” Millions of people have read it and expected to learn the secret of great wealth! Sitting here sipping my coffee, I wonder, “Did they get it?” I am rich and this is how.

thinkSome men tell me I think too much. This is ludicrous because I love to think! Being a writer, my thoughts reveal a potential nugget to share with others. My purpose is to share my experience, strength and hope with others, so they realize they are not alone. I have also been told I talk too much. That is all part of being a writer. We think and we talk. It takes a God given man to love me.

I put this post on my Facebook timeline recently, to remind me of what I already know. My thinking will never be big enough, because my God is bigger. On my best day I can think up some pretty good stuff, but I haveta recall this. My past thinking got me a 16 year sobriety chip in AA. Let’s not do that again.

Today, God has given my daughter and me a beautiful little house on 5 acres. It’s not a mansion, but we learned a long time ago, things don’t bring happiness. Material things have brought work, worry and pain into my life. Having chosen my things carefully the past two years, they now bring me joy. There is nothing in storage. Every single piece is lived with and loved on. I use my things and they no longer use me. You cannot visibly see my wealth.

Is someone trying to take something from you? I can put up with a fair fight, but when it stops being fair, I’m done. God will replace anything taken from me with bigger and better than I could ever imagine. Just like our new home, it doesn’t look the same as I once had. It’s better, but not more than I can handle. Today I am wealthy and it’s nothing I physically did. What I thought I needed I gave up, or it’s sitting in a box. God is not in a box, and today, neither am I.




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