Passing Lanes

My daughter is learning to drive. She drives me everywhere in our Ford F150 we named Steve. I was pondering a Blog while she was driving and she spit out the words, “Passing Lanes.” I don’t know if that was for me or just what she noticed about the road. Either way, I’m gonna go with it. The one thing I have learned about her is, she’s right.

steve (2)My daughter does what’s right in driving just like the rest of her world. She goes a little over the speed limit, and get’s disturbed if the car in front of her is driving below it. She allows people to fly up on her tail and she doesn’t budge. She is obeying the law, so how they drive is on them.

The other day, she was ready to use the passing lane and warned me ahead of time. Being the first time, I was ready to talk her through and was surprised by what happened next. She moved Steve into the left lane, let off the gas and paused for a moment. The car she was aiming to pass continued steady speed, so we fell behind our goal. I urged her to ‘Kick it in’, and she took off and made a successful pass.

We are hesitant to pass what’s in front of us. These are like stumbling blocks in our path and must be looked at to see if it’s beneficial to our journey. I encourage you today to use your passing lane wisely. Some things are there to try and block us from God’s greater plan, while others could be exactly what we’ve been looking for all along. Be blessed.

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