Let It Go Coach

It can be tough being a coach. People expect you to behave like one. My daughter tells me every now and then, “I think someone wrote a Blog about how you’re acting right now.” Mr. Smith laughs and says, “You need to let it go!” So what happens when I need to have a big ‘ol fit? I wait till everyone leaves… go outside on the porch and have at it!

Let-go-life-amazing-hd-wallpapre-with-quoteThis was the question I started asking myself a while back and continue to do so today. “How would my life be different if I learned to let go of things that have already let go of me?” I was legally married for 25 years. Ten years into it, I had a spiritual awakening and stopped drinking. God completely took the desire away from me. The marriage was okay for another five and then we told ourselves we would stay together for the children. Our parents did the same, but I refused. The children knew we were miserable and here I am. I let go of who had let me go.

I still do this today and by God’s grace I’ve gotten quicker! The letting go process has been huge in helping me let go in all areas of my life. When I wake up filled with peace, I know I’m living a clean and healthy life. If I wake up feeling uneasy, God is trying to show me something I need to change, or warning me before a mild storm. The storms are a lot less intense than they once were. Either they are smaller or I have become stronger and more secure in who I am.

There are days when the handful of people I allow into my personal life, enjoy picking on me. They tell me I need to Let It Go Coach! That’s okay though. I know they love me and I get to fully love them. That is the beauty of Let It Go.

biopicBarb is a writer and Mom to her 15 year old daughter, Bailey. She has been an Entrepreneur for 25 years and has ran several successful businesses. She gave up that life to write and become a Let It Go Coach. Barb has experience, strength and hope to share, and wants others to enjoy their lives. She hosts a Virtual Workshop every other month. The sessions last 8 weeks and were instrumental in giving Barb the beautiful life she enjoys today. You may connect with her via email for more info. Letitgocoach@gmail.com



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Life becomes really beautiful after 50. Everything before then is practice. xx #alcoholic #breastcancersurvivor #singlemom #lifeoverfifty

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