Closing the Door

The comment said, “Thts a LIE.” The first thing I noticed was the woman must have been so distraught, she didn’t go back to fix the typo. This drew my attention to the comment, as it made me wonder why she wouldn’t go back to correct once posted. This meme prompted the comment.


We all have a past.

I have not yet met a person that said, “I love my past!”

Each day is a new day and we can choose a new path. If we are enjoying the right path we’re on, it will need to be cleared of debris. If you are living your life, it can get messy! The storms will pass or blow over. It’s up to you to watch and wait or, break out the leaf blower to help it move along a bit.

There are symptoms for me when someone is not having a healthy effect. I am normally a happily, fulfilled person, so the red flag is sadness and discontent. If I’m feeling sad, then I am allowing someone or something to steal my joy. You will see the signs. Pay attention to your body language.

If you don’t pay attention, someone else will.

My daughter used to watch as I spoke on the phone. After I hung up with this one person in particular, she would point out that I always looked sad while talking with them. Feeling the sadness in my heart reflected in my expression, and she saw it clearly by watching.








Shut the door.

The only way it reopens is if we react to someone knocking from the other side. Any response prolongs the inevitable. When you have an unhealthy relationship, feel free to tell the person why they are no longer invited to be a part of your life. You are responsible for your life, not theirs.

Walk away and don’t look back.

There is a reason it’s called the past and a reason it falls behind us. My experience has been, when one doors closes, another door opens. We have to close some doors to allow room for others to open. When we see what’s behind the door, we decide whether it’s good for us or not.

Some doors close quickly and some close slowly. The effectiveness and speed are up to us.

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