Unicorns and Rainbows

Bailey and I have the same sense of humor. Her’s is more colorful than mine, but we laugh at the same things. Sometime we get to laughing so hard at one another we cry. We say our life is made up of Unicorns and Rainbows.

blogOur life is so beautiful and we are addicted to pretty. It all started with a thought and that is what our life became. My previous Blogs have mentioned what we took with us when we left life as we knew it. If it was pretty and brought us joy, it made the list. We set up a home of pretty.

We find joy in God and this new life He has given us. The journey began a couple of years ago, and just gets better. I do not clean windows. Never have found it useful because living in the country there is a lot of dirt. Bailey says I need a Unicorn to come by and lick them clean. That works.

Who doesn’t love rainbows? After every storm, I see a lot of pictures posted on Facebook of them. They are beautiful and Bailey and I are mesmerized by them. Every time we see one, we squeal and get excited like it’s the first time ever. It may be silly girl stuff, but that’s our life.

I don’t think it’s easy for a man to step into my world. They want to feel needed and I don’t really need anything. My ex husband grew resentful because I always see the beauty. Even on our darkest days there was a little sparkle somewhere that caught my eye.  Things that money can’t buy is what this girl needs. A look from across the room, a hug or touch and especially a really good kiss. The small touches are what adds beauty to this already beautiful life.


blackandwhiteBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 15 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Let It Go Coach and helping others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is working on her first book.  You may connect with her via email. Letitgocoach@gmail.com


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