Sweeping Dog Hair

I overslept this morning. My phone alarm was fixing to go off, so I turned my phone off. It was only 30 minutes over, but shutting the phone off instead of dealing with the alarm was not the answer. Time to find an actual alarm clock.

We should not wake up dreading our alarm. My phone updated the clock a couple of weeks ago and this new one is more difficult to turn off. What once took a swipe of the finger, now takes an act of God. As I write this, I’m wondering what happened to the clock radio we had before the move. Looking up, I spot it right in front of me, on a shelf. I moved it in here to listen to music while working, but rarely do. It will be in my bedroom before nightfall.

I believe we have everything we need already within reach. Sometimes its not being used to it’s full potential. Starting your morning off right is so important. God wants to use us each day, so we need to take care of ourselves so we can hear His promptings. Staying up too late the night before and waking up before the alarm is not good for me.

Sweeping up dog hair is not good for me either. You cannot sweep dog hair very well. It’s scatterers and sticks to the broom. The only way to get it up effectively is to vacuum, but 7am is a little early for that here. I enjoy glancing at the beautiful hardwood floor and watching the light from the windows dance around while I write. This morning, just like quite a few mornings, all I see is dog hair. Just like the alarm clock, there needs to be a change made here too.

People have made choices that are bringing negative change to my life. So, why am I doing the same? I know how to make choices that are good for me and it starts by spending my morning with God. The dog hair will be cleaned up before bed and the clock radio moved, so I can embrace a new day. The dog can wait as long as he has everything he needs the night before. I tend to hear Gus in the morning over God. Sorry Gus. I’d rather make you wait than God.







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