Stealing My Joy

I had a revelation just now in the kitchen. Maybe my kitchen is the place to be because I seem to find revelation there daily. Yesterday, God showed me what my book is going to look like, just standing at the kitchen sink. Now it is clear.

I have had a page pulled up since early this morning to write this ‘Stealing My Joy’ series, and I had to just place it in drafts. God has shown me two things in the kitchen today, and one of those is…I can steal my own Joy. The other thing was, He has given me a beautiful life and that is what I can encourage others with. People want a pretty life!

blog2Every time I walked by, or sat down at my laptop, I saw the page waiting for me to type. Even though there is something right outside my door that is annoying, I don’t have to let it steal my Joy. I choose not to for now and will write about it once I have a conclusion. I want a happy ending first.

I have an extremely patient man in my life. He always lets me work. This week, I became engrossed in what I do and we lost touch.  Choosing to spend several hours with him today is just what I needed.  He brings pure goodness into my world and my life would not be as pretty without him.

My daughter is playing music and twirling like a ballerina in the den as I walk by. She asks, “Dance with me Mama?” I give her a look because she knows, I don’t dance. As I walk by her, she grabs me and gives me a hug instead. I held her tightly for a moment and just felt that moment. Our life is in constant motion, but we have to stop for these moments. These are precious moments that produce all that’s pretty.


blackandwhiteBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 15 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Let It Go Coach and help others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is working on her first book.  You may connect with her via email.










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