Meanwhile in Texas

My Sunday started early. Coffee in hand out to the porch to watch the day light up. Late yesterday evening, I broke a water pipe outside. I was grateful to be directed to the water shut off and that the explosion of water was outdoors.

My first thought was, “Let’s see if I can fix it.” Three years ago, I had a barn full of a little bit of everything. There was rubber cement for fixing this PVC elbow that had popped off. That barn is no longer a part of my life, so I called the man who built this house. He called a friend to come out early this morning, which he did. We now have water again.

blogI used to be good at fixing things. I guess I still am, but today, I try not to break anything to the point of having to fix it. Accidents happen, just like that PVC cap popping off from the pressure of the water hose attached.

My experiences have taught me well and I continue to learn from them everyday. Everything happens for a reason, so every word spoken or not spoken and every action or non action has meaning to me. By watching, listening and waiting, time reveals all. I don’t always need an explosion.

I don’t want to fix situations or people today. Using a tool to repair a broken object brings satisfaction, but not in people. I cannot fix people. They can only fix themselves. Being a coach allows me the privilege of walking with them along the path of change. What we do in the present moment, dictates what follows in the next few moments. Be still and enjoy the moment.




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