Somebody Else Will

Do you have projects left undone?

I have acquired vintage pieces with the sole intent of painting them. Giving them new life with lots of color. If it’s been a year and they are still sitting in their original state. Probably time to let them go.

I had a rocking chair that was very old.

It was solid wood with a rattan seat insert. The wood carving was very pretty, but it made an enormous amount of noise when you sat in it. I’m sure a cushion would fix that, but it needed some time I wasn’t willing to spend. I had good intentions with the chair, but it wasn’t a priority anymore.

In it’s natural state, it didn’t bring me joy and wasn’t being restored to it’s greatest potential. This morning, I had to let it go.


Today is trash day, so I took it down the driveway and sat it by the trashcan for pick up. I have friends who post pictures often of pieces they have restored and they’re beautiful!

My thought never turned to passion.

I know my passions. These are the things that set my heart afire. Ideas or thoughts from the heart that have fuel in them. 

After I sat the chair at the end of the driveway, I was inspired to write this Blog. It was about 30 minutes later, I grabbed my camera to go snap a picture, to include here to show you the chair. It was gone. The trash man had not come, because the trash was still there, but no chair.

That made my heart happy. Someone had driven by and saw it and wanted it for themselves. Maybe they loved restoring furniture and saw it’s potential like I had a year ago, or maybe they just loved it as is. Whatever the reason, I am happy that the chair lives on in someones life. I was not enjoying it, but I’m grateful that somebody else will.

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