Open and Close

I posted a meme on my Letitgocoach page on Facebook and this is a matter that has been on my heart for a while.

I am a thinker, and used to analyze every situation. If someone left my life, I had to know why. Closure was critical.

doorThat is not the case today. The freedom of allowing people to walk in and out of my life is huge. When I truly grasped the idea of ‘Letting Go’, that included people too.

Did your parents ever tell you, “Because I said so,” and that was your only reason?

When we follow God and, a door closes, and we wonder why, isn’t that like questioning God? He has a plan for our good, even when we don’t. Our stupidest mistakes can turn around for our good and His glory. There should be no question. When people disappear out of my life, God has quietly closed a door.

If it doesn’t open it’s not our door, but when one closes, I trust God and leave it. That is all the closure I need. Put there by the King of Kings, and that is enough.

Feel free to comment. Would love to hear your thoughts.


blackandwhiteBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 16 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Letitgocoach and help others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is writing her first book.  You may connect with her via email.

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Life becomes really beautiful after 50. Everything before then is practice. xx #alcoholic #breastcancersurvivor #singlemom #lifeoverfifty

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