Words Of Wisdom

Do you keep a Journal?

I have written in a few of them over the years. It’s fun to find one from years ago, and go through and read parts of it. The scenario described is recognizable, but the person is not. It’s almost like picking up someone else’s journal and reading it. It’s good to read it and see how much my life and I have changed. Gotten older, of course, but also wiser.

Does wisdom come with age?

I think it’s a combination of time and experiences, so maybe that is why more mature people seem wiser. Each experience takes time. Some may take a few weeks, while others take months or years. Whichever the case, we spend time in a certain area of our life and learn valuable lessons. Every experience teaches us something if we allow.

SpainI have a book that I’ve been writing in for a couple of years. It’s called my Book of Wisdom. When I need an encouraging word, I flip through that book. The pages hold prayers I prayed the first year on my own with my daughter. They are covered with phrases, quotes, and Bible verses I need to hear.

Do I need Encouragement?

Yes, I do. Being an Encourager is what I do and a large part of who I am. My daughter gets tickled at me on those off days, finding me scanning through my Letitgocoach Facebook page. I pour a lot of words of wisdom onto that page, so it makes sense that I would go back and look at it.

There are tons of great quotes out there, but one of my favorites is “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.” This quote was written in my book on 6-8-13. One year later, almost to the day, this Blog was born. Coincidence? I don’t this so. We all need encouragement, and when we do, it’s only a matter of looking, until we find the right words.


blackandwhiteBarbara is a writer and loves being a Mom to her 16 year old daughter. It’s a dream come true for her to be a Letitgocoach and help others enjoy their lives. She hosts Workshops, does one on one Coaching and is writing her first book.  You may connect with her via email. Letitgocoach@gmail.com



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