Simplistic Journaling

I began Journaling when I got sober. It was a book of lined, blank pages which I had for years. The cover was imitation leather that resembled vinyl. I was determined to write how laying down the drink would change my life.

That book was nothing fancy, but it got me started. Today they have beautiful Journals that will entice you to use them. I have two new ones to use in the New Year. One is for ideas and the other one is a going to be my journal.

journal1The one you see here goes everywhere I go. When I have an idea or a revelation about something I’ve been pondering, it gets written down. As if it’s not pretty enough, I bought a blingy pen to write with. I leave it laying open on my desk throughout the day. When I leave the house, it goes too.

This one is where my creative juices can flow. It gets written in, starred, marked out and rewritten. Blog title, Blog ideas, social media vision, a resource to connect with, anything to expand my dream of encouraging others goes in there. I keep all the entries very simple and review often.

journal2Mr. Smith fussed at me for buying it. He wasn’t sure about the idea of me buying myself something so close to Christmas. I had actually seen it, pondered having it, and drug Mr. Smith back to the store with me to purchase it.

That episode made sense once I opened my Christmas from him. A new journal was included and it pertains part of our favorite Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 13:13.

This is the one I will use to catalog this year, but I have found a simpler way.

I have been known to stop journaling from lack of words to fill the page, so this works well. Before you retire, write a couple of lines about your day. You can sum it up in two or three lines, or you can jot down a couple of sweet memories from the day. Whatever works best; just keep it brief and do this every day is the plan.

This Blog has recorded a lot of my journey the past couple of years, but there have been spaces where I got tired of writing and took a break. My life has changed so much, and it’s been an accumulation of little things.  People, places and things happened over time and that is where I am on my path today. Jounaling simplistically will allow me to read about those little twists, turns and breadcrumbs along the way that got me to where I am at the end of 2016.


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