Peace with the Pieces

My disclaimer is I am on my third cup of coffee. This is rare for me these days, as I’m becoming more aware of how I treat my body. I am truly in a season of caring for myself.

So, I am excited about taking a journey with SC Lourie. It’s a 60 day journey about being Tender to My Soul. She is offering it at half price, and this is the last week of the special.

peaceAs I was reading over the Introduction again this morning, these words resonated with me. “Peace with the pieces.” Do those words resonate with you as well?

I was speaking with someone yesterday, and they were so proud of their friend. “She is a certified Life Coach”, is what they announced. I have that piece of paper too, but that doesn’t make me qualified to be your coach.

Someone once told me I have had an unpredictable life. That is an interesting way of describing my journey, and it made me smile. The only thing I have known for certain is, God has been with me every step of the way.

Learning to let go and actually enjoying the journey is what occurred. It hasn’t been a bed of roses everyday, but even those days have made me better in some way. Every step of my life has brought me to where I am today. I can honestly say, the last three years have been the most memorable and beautiful. So, now what to do with the pieces for this year.

Barbara is a writer, Entrepreneur and Mom to her 16-year-old daughter. She loves dipping cookies in her coffee in the morning and has a pretty healthy obsession for chocolate. When she started this Blog in 2014 Letitgocoach was what stuck. She enjoys helping people Let Go of what is holding them back from having a beautiful life. Her life today is an example of Letting Go and Letting God. You may connect with her via email.





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