All Is Well

I love these moments during the day that it is so quiet. The kind of quiet that you can hear the slightest of sounds, if you listen intently. It’s so quiet, that even the quiet sounds loud.

Life is full of unknowns. The past few weeks, I’ve had to look sternly at what little I know.

There are days when all I know is, “God loves me, and has a mighty plan.” That right there should be enough, but recently, I’ve been wondering why I’m on this Breast Cancer Journey. What is God up to with this? There are many scenarios to choose from, but it’s best to just keep walking the path, and wait for Him to reveal more of His plan.


I drove in for a sonogram this morning. My doctor wanted me to receive some encouragement after eight Chemo treatments. The encouragement wasn’t necessary, because I know God is gonna make something good out of this, and I believe in healing.

The lump had gone down a whole centimeter! I knew it was shrinking, but sometimes it’s better to not know the exact numbers.

Where my encouragement came from on this visit was from a 72 year old woman in the waiting room. I love what the nurse said right before she left. She said, “I’m gonna put you in this room full of ladies that are dressed just like you.”

What does that even mean? We are all having our boobs checked, and our gowns match?

I sat down and gazed at the lady across from me. Her hair was short, but she had hair. My guess would be she had completed Chemo, and was there for a checkup. Come to find out, she had completed everything, down to the lumpectomy, and was there indeed for a checkup. She shared her story with me, and then she said something that resonated deeply.

She questioned why she got Breast Cancer late in life. Remember, she is 72. Long story short, if she would have gotten it any sooner, the Chemo treatment she received, wouldn’t have been available. It was relatively new, so I told her, “It was God’s perfect timing.” She looked shocked that I had said the “G” word out loud, so I repeated what I said, and elaborated.


My doctor told me the same thing. The drug they are using in my Chemo treatment was only proven effective at the beginning of this year. They were just now implementing it as a cure. When that lady left the room she looked at me and said, “I think you’re right. There must have been some type of Divine Intervention.”

No matter what is going on in us, or in our lives, He has a plan.

That is all I need to know. The rest will reveal itself in time.



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