There’s A Doggo

My daughter spent the weekend with her Dad. She got sick, and is still there getting her strength back. I am not happy she was sick, but I’m pretty relieved she is not here yet.

I pulled into my driveway yesterday afternoon, and parked in front of the barn. Laying in the barn was a dog. We have doggo’s come around from time to time, but they never stay. They are usually just looking for food, and are too afraid to come near ya. In case you don’t realize the dilemma here, my daughter loves dogs, and she will want to keep it.

My daughter would have 40 dogs if allowed. She is to stay away from animal shelters for that reason. She sees them on the side of the road while driving, and wants to stop and pick them up. She has a huge heart, and that heart is not only for humans. The doggo is high on her list of faves, so I have no idea what to do about this one living in my barn.


I walked up to the barn this morning to feed the cats. Standing in the barn, I hear a rustling noise coming from a dark corner. There is a stack of boxes over there, and out walks the doggo. I didn’t expect her to still be here, so the noise startled me a bit. She had made a bed on top of the boxes, and she was hiding. From what, I’m not sure yet.

She looks healthy, but is less than a year old. You can tell she still has puppy in her.

She wagged her tail so hard when she saw me, her whole body moved along with it. I decided to feed the cats somewhere else, and bring her some food. She had to be hungry by now. When I poured the food into the metal bowl, she inhaled it. She was indeed hungry. I then brought her some water, but she was hoping it was more food. Oh…what have I done!

There is something to be said for being chosen.

This doggo found us, and I am pleased that she has made our barn her shelter. I am guessing someone dropped her off after seeing this little farmhouse, with a fenced in yard, and barn. If she stays, she stays. If she goes, she goes. We will see once my daughter gets home. If she is still here when that occurs, pray for me now, because doggo will be home.


4 thoughts on “There’s A Doggo

  1. She is beautiful! I agree, it is different being chosen rather than choosing. Many blessings in your journey with the doggo… I am definitely a cat person. Not that I don’t appreciate and believe dogs are beautiful, just not when they are in my house. 🙂

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  2. You know she’s staying so if you wanna name her, best be getting on that before Bailey gets home. She looks like a Tilly to me. 💛🐾🐾💛

    ~ Seymour ~

    AKA: Doggo lover!

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