Miracle Grow

I was watching my little dog this morning. He was sitting, but anxiously awaiting my daughter’s door to open. That is all he wanted. To see my daughter walk into view.

How simple is that?

We both give him attention, but I am the Mama. I make sure the food and water bowls are full, give him a bath, and get drugs from the vet to keep his fleas at bay. She gives him attention, and tells him how cute he is all the time. He gets more excited about her.

We nurture what we give our time to. I have a tendency to want to hurry things along. Help God out a little bit. I’ve had to come to grips with the numbers I see from this Blog. How many Bloggers have quit thanks to the numbers? If I compared the numbers, to the time spent, I wouldn’t be here, but since when is this Blog about me? I’m merely a vessel.


My friend filled our planter boxes with flowers this week. It makes us a little nervous because we have a knack for giving them too much attention, and they die. I believe the same is true for a Blog, or any page where you focus on the numbers.

Too much attention can kill it. I un-followed a Blogger this morning because he posted 4 Blogs in one day. I love to read, but I don’t want to just hear the writer talk. Feed me.

Looking at the flowers planted, my friend said, “I hope they spread and get fuller.. that will be the perfect scenario.. but I am just hoping to keep them alive long enough for that to happen right now..” He added, “I bought Miracle Grow!”

We can look at our writing in the same way.

The seeds are planted, and the flowers are starting to bloom. We hope that our words will spread, and become fuller, but right now, we are just hoping to keep the writer in us alive long enough for that to happen. If we need an extra boost, God is the miracle in Miracle Grow.


3 thoughts on “Miracle Grow

  1. Thanks for this encouragement. I used to post a link to all my blogs on Facebook and I enjoyed the feedback on my writing there… but Facebook started to expose me to such anger & hard attitudes, especially within ‘God’s community’ that I deleted the App! Now I write for a small audience but I feel the love all the same. I hope you do too. Xxx

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    1. Thank you for reading lovely! Wow. I had to read that sentence twice….”Facebook started to expose me to such anger & hard attitudes, especially within ‘God’s community”…That is sadness. Good for you making the choice to delete it from your life. We have that choice of stepping in to share the love, or stepping away to share somewhere else. Like you said….a small audience. I do feel the love, and am glad you do too! You are loved. xxx

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