Set Me Free

I want to show you my hair.

As you may have read in Repeat if Desired, we were trying to bleach it to white. Then my daughter was going to put lavender on it, but it has evolved into something on it’s own.

My hair grows fast, which I learned Thanks to Chemo. By the time we got it to the lightness we wanted, it had grown out of the style we were shooting for. So, we shaved the sides, and back.


This entire process has set me free from the stigma placed on hair. We have had so much fun with it! I told her today, “When you homeschool, and my hair becomes the project?”

God works like that. We started out with a style and color in mind, but over time it became something we could not have done if we tried. My daughter just keeps experimenting with it. There is nothing she can hurt. It’s only hair, and during Chemo I was bald for months!

What we have in mind, and what God has in mind are two totally different things. Even when things don’t look exactly the way we intended, He will use it for His glory. It just sets me free!

4 thoughts on “Set Me Free

    1. Thank you lovely! She’s dying it dark red this afternoon! Fitting?

      Wow. What a description! #honored #humbled. Thank you for watching! God told me He would send the right people to surround me on this transformation and He is!!! #gratefulforyou

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  1. Your accidental haircut is so cute! 💕 I love things that are not the norm, that celebrates individuality. Your hair fits the bill. Sometimes things work out better than what we originally planned. You’ve got a great attitude about hair. It’s never that precious & grows back. The best part of the whole thing is that it’s a project you did with your daughter. It’s a priceless memory! 😊

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    1. Thank you lovely. xx It works better if I don’t ‘plan’ too much. Just doing what brings me joy will pour over on others. So, yea…this hair was not planned. You nailed it! It was all about the moment!


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