A Good Morning

I was standing at the counter of our local store, waiting to checkout. A more mature gentleman was standing behind me, and I turned around to wish him a ‘Good Morning.’ He asked, “Is it?”

I said, “Well, God woke me up to another day, so yes.” He looked at me and scoffed. Then said, “Oh, you must think you have it easy then.”

I was nice, and smiled at him with my most gleaming smile and said, “No Sir. There isn’t anything easy about that.”


When people ask me what faith, or religion I am, I just say, “I love God. We have a fascinating relationship.” Then comes the awkward moment where they don’t know how to respond. I just want one person to exclaim, “SAME!!!”

It hasn’t happened yet, but that man made me ponder. Following God, and doing what He wants, is not easy. It’s much easier to ignore all signs He gives me, and just keep forging straight ahead.

God saves me from myself, and this world.  To follow our hearts and listen to that still small voice beckoning us to let go, and let God.

One thought on “A Good Morning

  1. God wants a spirit filled follower who is not faint of heart and who will go forth and tell others of Him. I applaud your honesty. As a fellow God lover, I’ll gladly join you in the “coming out swinging” cuz I ain’t been scared in a long time. When God’s got your back, what could you possibly be scared of?

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