God, Mr. Smith

Imma Gonna Rest

I woke up at 6:00 am, like normal, but I fell back to sleep. My body was tired, and there was brain fog to boot! Thanks to last years Chemo treatment, I can now listen to my body, and what it says. God wants me to listen, and obey the signs.



The coffee pot has a timer to brew automatically, but it was sitting there empty. While preparing it the night before, I must have set the timer wrong. It was loaded up, and ready to go, but it couldn’t fulfill it’s purpose because I screwed up the timing!


A friend sent me this Meme a few days ago. Breast Cancer taught me how to listen to my body, but I need to listen to my friends. They know what I need before I do.

Radiation ended earlier this year, and I rested for a couple of months. It felt like it was time to start sharing, but I’ve always been overzealous. Kinda like my little dog that goes outside the fence if the gate is open. It’s a great adventure to him, but I’m watching him thinking, “You have no idea what is waiting for you outside that gate.”

The silhouette of a warrior woman with storm clouds in the background.

This Meme has been a long time coming! God placed a man in my life, we call Mr. Smith, that shows me how to wait. He’s patient, his love never fails, and he waits!

I have people in my life to teach me, and protect me from myself. Satan shows up, but God sends the people you need ahead of time for this part of the journey!

I told Mr. Smith I wouldn’t write today, but here I am! He is laying it on me, as I finish this up! He tells me, “But Barb… You don’t listen.” He just referred to me as a Jackass, for being so stubborn! Preach it Smith! That’s the kind of people I need!


I really want to be that bright, green, check mark. Time to listen, and obey.

3 thoughts on “Imma Gonna Rest”

  1. Your friendship is an honor to me. Your love is purpose filled. Our paths crossed through Divine intervention. Satan doesn’t stand a chance because we both have become the flame. Thank you seems hollow. Your stuck with me for life is full of anticipation and joy!

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  2. WooHoo!! I got goose bumps as I read this. Though we have never met and I do not know what your voice sounds like…I heard conviction, confidence, and FIRE!!! Woo Baby! I am excited for you God has got something good! Hang on, it may be quite the ride! Many blessings.

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