Time and Talents

Worship in the Overflow 

“What am I doing?”, was my thought this morning. Sitting down with some coffee, I pulled up my WordPress site to read some Blogs I follow. I chose “Minimalist Grandma.” first.

The woman behind the Blog is named Jill. We met on WordPress, and have a lot in common. My best friend during childhood was named Jill. She is not that Jill, but it’s easy to remember her name, which is usually a challenge for me. Jill and I have simplified our lives to the point that we now have time, along with  passion, and purpose to pour into others.

In Jill’s Blog, she dove right into the subject by saying, “I am now making decisions about my time and talents. What do I keep? What do I discard?” This is letting go at it’s finest!

Time and talents. Walking through a Breast Cancer Journey last year proved time is precious. It should not be wasted, because an unlimited amount is not promised. On talents…we are all given at least one gift. With practice, that one gift will cause an offspring of other gifts. Jill’s Blog revealed a new twist on something I have always believed to be true.

Give from overflow_edited-1

I have always given from my overflow, but Jill writes, “It seems like we should be giving out of our abundance, but I find that I give best and most from my lack.” BOOM!

A friend of mine just posted on Facebook, “The more love you give away, the more love you will have.” My favorite thing to do is give love away, but there are mornings I wake up running low on love. Maybe I give too much away, and don’t save enough for myself? Too much time spent giving of our gifts, and talents, without balance, leaves me depleted.

Maybe that is why I have free time from giving it away.

If what we give, is what we receive, then I want to find out what I lack, so I can give that. Looking over my life there is no obvious lack, so today I will ‘dig deeper.’ What do I lack?


If it’s already in ‘lack mode’, it shouldn’t be given away at this time. There needs to be time spent nurturing it, so it will grow. Someone once told me I lack commitment. Two years later, I let the man go who told me that, so maybe it’s true. Being in three serious realtionships over the past 30 years, I have been the one who leaves. Do I lack commitment?

You can read Jill’s complete post by clicking here. Thank you Minimalist Grandma for making me think. That is something there is no lack of, but I’m on a jouney to see what is.

6 Comments on “Time and Talents

  1. Thank you for sharing your heart here. About viewing life differently, that was me after a long battle with liver cancer. I started to enjoy the simple things in life. To declutter my life, to stay ambitious in things that really matter. To open old wounds and allow myself to heal, to forgive, to love with every breathe in me. Hugs today 💞🌹


  2. Hey! That’s cool about your friend, Jill. Thanks for the link up! I’m still thinking this all through. Thanks for understanding that my blogging style is a train of thought, haha! I’ve been trying to identify my niche in the world, what I can give that is in sync with who I am and might help others. I think you hit the nail on the head with the word “balance.” I might know that I’m an encourager/cheerleader but if I’m drained and dried up, then I don’t have the energy to do any cheering. Balance, that’s it.

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    • Isn’t that fun? We were friends all the way through school, and then lost touch. Thank you for your Blog. We learn from each other, and you will find your niche. What spills from your heart through your fingertips helps others. We get to write about our experiences in hopes of helping others, but it brings us clarity in the process.

      The name Letitgocoach is what God gave me. Helping other ‘Let Go’ is a passion for me, but it’s also something I have to continuously practice in my own life.

      Balance indeed. ❤

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