It’s a Choice

Since deciding to take a Social Media fast, some friends have called me out. Facebook detects a connection, and is telling on me. To stay connected to my daughter while she is at her Father’s this weekend, we’ve used Messenger. Facebook Messenger is an app that is  made by Facebook, but is separate. So, nope. I have not posted one Meme.


It all started with my phone. Sometimes the bill is due before the weekend, and before payday. I get paid on Monday’s, so I get to choose. Do I want an active phone, or money for the weekend? I choose having money to spend, over my phone.

I’ve used Cricket phone service for 5 years, and it works. There are no contracts, and you just pay month to month. No re-connection, or late fees, just pay when you need it.

The phone turns into a blingy paperweight, and I’m out the door. An iced latte would hit the spot, so I hop in my truck, and drive 10 minutes down the road to Chapparal Coffee.

This young couple moved from Austin, TX, to open this coffee bar, and his name is Austin! He has the best vibe, and it’s pure joy just walking in the door. Coffee and I have a serious relationship, and I have learned a lot at Chapparal. I go there several times a week for the coffee, and the people.

Austin at Chapparal Coffee, Lockhart, TX.

His wife brings in wildflowers, so there are always flowers. Walking in today, Austin had just finished installing a couple of beer taps, but not for beer. Oh no lovely. This is magical!


Ginger Beer!!!!

Austin handed me a glass to try, and it was a treat!

Some friends scoff at me for spending money on high quality coffee. “Being a single Mom with a part-time income, how do you do that?” I’m going to drink coffee, so it might as well be a life experience. The coffee costs a little more than the grocery store brands, but it’s well worth the extra dollars.

Experimenting in the kitchen on the weekends is a newfound love. The last time I went to the local grocery store, they had some huge basil plants on display. My daughter and I chuckled at how big they were! I’ve been wanting to try this Basil Hummus recipe, so instead of paying $3.98 per packet for a few fresh Basil leaves, I opted to buy this guy for $9.00.


It should bring plenty of Basil Hummus and fresh Pesto!

Since trying my hand at the Boston Ferns, (which shout out to the lady who left a comment with tips), this spoke to me today. I have a planter full of dirt sitting on my porch from last years plant demise, but we’re gonna give this Basil a go.

When I went in the store to pay for the Basil, I took a walk through the flower department. Fresh flowers are a love of mine and my daughters, but not just any flower. We have a few that are special to us, and this time of year is for Peonies.


This little bundle cost $6.00. They will be fully opened by the time my daughter gets home.

These choices bring more meaning and beauty to my life than my phone. I’m able to choose today, and the end result is showing others, “I love you more than my phone.”

6 thoughts on “It’s a Choice

  1. Such a beautiful post, in both words & photography. I’m so glad God is calling many of us to live a simple life with some precious moments of luxury. I love coffee but the caffeine doesn’t love me! We finally found some decaf beans that hit the spot. £7.50 for my 250g but that moment of sitting, resting and savouring is so good! Over here we have elderflowers and we have fresh, homemade elderflower cordial in the fridge. The scent of this delicate drink takes me back to a loving gift of cordial when I was in a psych ward. We need things that nurture our senses and our soul in all seasons of life.


    1. Thank you lovely! Praise the Lord! You are so right; it’s all about the simplicity of the moment. The elderflowers sound dreamy, and the smell, just like the Peonies. Isn’t is sweet how smell can take us back? The simple things in life are what waters the soul. Thank you for your comment, and much love my friend. xx

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  2. I am quieter on Facebook too and there is one who finds this an issue still. But others are fine. Mostly it is just my blog posts that air there automatically. It’s nice to take a break from it and limit myself from it. I don’t want to be spending my energy there. Instead, I want to go out or do other things in my home. I can also be meeting or chatting with people while I do this. Even if it’s just a short conversation, it’s great, than sticking my head in my phone, missing the world around me. ☺️

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    1. Hey Liz! It’s not about them. It’s about you, and what brings you joy. I love going out and visiting with people. Walking into the grocery store yesterday, it was odd to see all the people looking at their phones. Life is really passing them by. There needs to be a balance of real world, and virtual world. Thank you for stopping my my friend. I am proud of you taking on new adventures. You’re an inspiration! ❤

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