Bénisse Cette Maison

Letting go of what is comfortable. Even though I knew there was more, where I stood felt okay, and it was easy. There wasn’t anything wrong, except my heart wanted more.

2017 was a year of following my heart, and believe me, my heart and mind were conflicted. What was logical thinking, didn’t feed my heart, and when my heart soared, my mind told me I was bonkers. It was time to set my heart free.

Richard Rohr says, “Houses are meant to move out of”.

I pondered that quote for what seemed like a long time, until it took root in my heart. My mind kept pointing out all the positive aspects of where we were living, but my heart wasn’t happy. The thought of moving was uncomfortable. We had lived in a country setting for a few years, and it was peaceful. No complaints, unless you asked my heart.

I mentioned that quote to a man in our community, and he was flabbergasted! He quickly opposed it, and said, “Oh No! Houses are meant to be lived in, and filled with family and friends!” I was living in my house, but it wasn’t filled with family and friends. They lived an hour away. For two years, my daughter had been driving an hour each way, every weekend to see her Dad. She was tired.

A couple of friends came to visit, and showed me what my heart was missing. Connection, and love in real-time.

This house had it’s season, and was meant to move out of.

I came across a picture of our porch, right after moving in.


We had been in this house less than a year, when I found out I had Breast Cancer. My Breast Cancer journey was in 2016, so 2017 was a year of healing, growing, and discovering the woman Cancer left behind. I let go of a lot last year, which I will slowly write about, but there were some major heart-strings tied to this little country home.

This home was perfect for healing, and offered privacy.

Here is the last picture taken of that little house of healing.


My daughter and I have moved away from country living.

We spent the month of December packing up everything except the Christmas tree. On January 2nd, we moved into our new house. It’s been a week now, and it feels like home.

Bless this home.

9 thoughts on “Bénisse Cette Maison

  1. I think part of the challenge is leaving the familiar for the unknown. But if friends and family are waiting for you, then it’s not really “unknown,” is it? We have lived in the same house for 18 years. Our friends and family are nearby, but the busyness of life often prohibits the kind of interaction I long for. I sometimes think that if nothing is going to change, then something needs to change. My husband and I went on a 4,500 mile road trip this past summer and visited several places where I would have liked to stay a while — to really dig deep into the unfamiliar and new community. Corning, New York was absolutely delightful and aside from their bitter winters, I would like to really get to know the people there and explore the town and surrounding areas.

    However, hope keeps me here. Hope that somehow that interaction I long for will eventually happen, if we just keep trying. I am happy for you and your new adventure. I am especially happy that after such a short period of time, your new abode already feels like HOME. ❤

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    1. There is a saying I enjoy. It says, “Something needs to change, and it’s probably me.” The one in the mirror seems to be a good place to start anyways. Your road trip sounds delightful! You should plan to return to Corning, like in the Spring, and spend more time there. Something obviously sparked your heart.

      You mention the Interaction you long for. What does that look like?

      Thank you for commenting. Yes, this little house felt homey upon first glance, and I see small things everyday that bring me joy. Do we pack up the familiar in boxes, and bring it with us? That makes it less of an unknown. Much love. xx


  2. Wow. So many feelings reading this. Heartstrings officially pulled. Sweet, endearing, profound, and touching. And difficult. Difficult because I know how hard the act of moving away from a comfortable spot can be. I’m glad to hear Cancer left you behind; the only time I think it’s ok to be abandoned.

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