Listening for quiet

Making a coffee pour over has a calming effect over me.

Once I go through all the steps of setting it up, I’m forced to slow down, and enjoy the process. Watching as the boiling hot water, slowly escapes from the spout of the pour over kettle. It hits the coarse grounds, and they begin to bloom. (My fave) Today, I poured the water very slowly, in attempt to keep the bloom alive for as long as possible.

That magnificent bloom.

I listened intently during the process. When the water first hit the grounds, and the liquid drained into the empty cup, it was noisy. I could hear it trickling. As the cup filled with the hot liquid, the trickling became quieter, and quieter.


I knew the cup was full when it was completely quiet.


8 thoughts on “Listening for quiet

  1. I worked for Starbucks for many years, and I always looked forward to making pour-overs. It’s how I had my coffee when I worked there. That, and Americanos – rich, dark espresso in water, like a fresher, bolder cup of coffee. This also reminds me of growing up, when the sound of my mother’s percolator would wake me up. It would gurgle and bubble, and the metal lid would clatter. Then I’d hear the tinkle of her spoon stirring in the sugar. Good times.

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    1. I imagine the pace is hurried working there. Hopefully, you got to take your time when making one for yourself. My daughter gave me a glass carafe that will drip enough for two, but I haven’t mastered that one yet. Ah, yes….the percolator. My Mom used one too! I knew not to bother her too much until she had a cup of that magical liquid. xx

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  2. Once again, you’ve inspired me. I use a Melitta #2 paper filter with the plastic “one cup” thing you set on top of the mug… your description of making a cup of coffee made me want to pay closer attention when I make my own cup of coffee. Maybe it’s not just about the caffeine. 😉

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