These Three Gates

The privacy fence around the backyard has four gates.

One is at the end of the driveway. It has a vine growing along the fence, and up a small arbor, waiting to bloom.

I haven’t discovered yet, where the other three lead.

Gate to driveway.

Whoever built the house, and fence, had a reason, but it’s a mystery to me. I have a neighbor on each side, and one behind me, and a gate opens into each of their backyards. This fence was probably built before social media replaced human interaction. I haven’t had a neighbor in 5 years!

I haven’t written much about the effects social media had on my life, but it wasn’t healthy. God started working on me last year, after ‘I Bled Out‘, and I found myself bucking the trend of social media. There are still no social media apps on my phone, and I rarely take my phone when I leave the house.

This from a woman who spent years promoting a Blog, and encouraging others via social media.

A couple of weeks ago, I disconnected this Blog from all social media outlets. It doesn’t automatically post, once published. It sits right here in the WordPress world.


I want to dwell as near as possible to where life flows.

I will let you know what is on the other side of these three gates.

5 thoughts on “These Three Gates

  1. I admire you so. I am caught in a terrible tug o’ war between letting go of social media or trying to manage it. I’ve been fighting this inner battle for years, and sadly I seem to be losing. There are people that are important to me that just don’t do the blog, or even the email thing anymore. The only way I manage to stay in touch with them is through FB or Instagram. I’d be okay with just doing Instagram (because I love photography anyway), but I would still lose some people along the way. I asked myself, “Are these people I really want/need to stay in touch with?” Some it probably wouldn’t matter. But there ARE some that I would definitely miss.

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    1. I don’t believe you are losing, because you are aware of the battle within. Awareness is our friend. Now, it’s just a matter of doing what makes your heart happy. Focus on the ones who matter, and discover ways to connect.

      For me, I call people, and yes, I had to tell them beforehand so they would answer. A phone call is a personal connection which usually leads to making a face to face meetup. No amount of emojis can replace a real hug, an actual laugh, or a good cry together.

      I use an app called Marco Polo. It allows you to send videos of your day to friends, and they can respond.

      I have also started picking up greeting cards when out and about, and have a stack on my desk. When the notion strikes, I mail one to a dear friend.

      The admiration is mutual lovely. xx

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      1. I have used Marco Polo with a friend (who I met through blogging 15ish years ago) — she left FB a few years ago and never looked back. We are fortunate that we live a couple of hours from each other, so it’s really not difficult to meet up occasionally if our schedules permit.

        I love to write letters! It frustrates me that nice stationery is so hard to find now. Used to, Hallmark had lovely boxes of decorated papers for letter writing. Now the only things they sell are greeting cards and Thank You notes. I’ve actually tracked down vintage stationery on Etsy and eBay! I do enjoy writing letters. I just wish my friends liked to write them back! LOL

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      2. I was going to suggest Etsy. One of my favorite artist/writer has a store there, and sells beautiful postcards. If someone sent me one of these, I would frame it!

        Good for your friend! You should ask her how the quality of her life changed after leaving FB.

        Being writers, it feeds our hearts to write a note or letter, and send it to a friend. Maybe that is not their gift, but we can give them ours. My guess would be it’s something they will treasure.

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