Be a Friend

Going with the flow is sometimes difficult.

It’s so worth it if you can allow it to happen.

I was sitting at my desk, planning parts of my day. I had typed up a message, but hadn’t hit send yet, when my daughter walked up, and stood at my desk. I looked up at her, and grinned, knowing that she wanted something.

She asked if I could take her to pick up her car from the shop. It was ready. I deleted the message, and said yes. I had been playing message tag with this gentleman all week, over a piece of furniture I have for sale. It can wait.

My daughter gave me this for Christmas.

Opening the pantry in search of a bottle of water, I find one bottle of water sitting there. My daughter and I drink water by the case! She left the last one for me. It’s what we do. We leave the last of something for the other person, but I have been known to become selfish over the last piece of chocolate.

Unfortunately, my daughter believes it’s normal how we treat one another. She expects the same treatment from friends, but they weren’t raised in our home. She wants to make new friends since our move, and she asked me yesterday, “Mom? How do you make friends?”

I believe we show people how we want to be treated.

My daughter went to one of her favorite coffee shops, to take a break from studying. Her friend texted her, she shared her location, and invited her to meet. Her friend walked into the coffee shop, and sat down with her.

Twenty minutes later, my daughter was home.

Their meetup was brief, because my daughter cut the visit short. She revealed her friend was on her phone the entire time,  and actually face-timing another friend. After several minutes of seeing that her friend had no plan of getting off her phone, she excused herself, and came home.

Maybe our standards are too high in today’s world?

Yesterday, my daughter received a text from a friend. He was hosting a Bible study, and asked her to come. I encouraged her to go, not only for herself, but to be there for him. She was apprehensive not knowing the other people she may see, but wanted to see her friend.

I believed she saw her answer to her question from earlier in the day. The best way to make friends, is to be a friend.


9 thoughts on “Be a Friend

  1. Hey Sister I hope you’re able to get a copy of my book. Once again thanks for always encouraging me and supporting. You were one of my first subscribers. I hope I meet you one day in the future go out to lunch and talk about life lol

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    1. Hello lovely! I am so happy for you! Like a proud Mama sitting over here in Texas watching your book climb to the top! Yes, I will have to snag a copy, and buy some tissues to go along with it. Your words are from the heart, and make my eyes leak when I read them.

      You are being used by God, and are reaping what you so graciously pour into others. Would love to meet you in person! That would be the longest lunch ever with the two of us talking about life. Much love to you my friend. Keep your eyes on Him. ❤

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      1. Thank you so so much. Your words mean so much to me. Thank you for the support and thanks for always having encouraging words to share with me. We need more people like you in this world. You are a loving and caring soul. Glad to hear you in my life!

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  2. Bless her heart — I have gotten frustrated with people who always choose the phone over whomever they are actually with at the time. I hope your daughter enjoys the Bible study and makes new, true friends there. 🙂

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