My Kinda Midlife

I was spending way too much time sitting at my desk.

Now, I’m pondering selling my desk. What changed? I did.


Today, I attended a class about Ayurveda. Yesterday, I attended an ‘Adult Children of Alcoholics‘ meeting, and Saturday I’m learning how to make a smudge stick.

How did I get to where I am today? I began months ago.

Since moving out of the country, and into civilization, there are endless opportunities to plug-in. I saw signs that God had me right where He wanted me, but oh, this little prayer!

“”What do I want to do?’ can be, “Dear God, what would you have me do?”

One thing leads to another. One conversation with the right person leads to another conversation with another person.

Stepping away from social media has me stepping out of my house each day.

This is my kinda midlife. Marianne Williamson writes,

“At midlife, you suddenly see an endgame where you used to see an endless stretch. You know now on a visceral level that this lifetime will not go on forever. There’s no more time for five-year detours. No more time for getting it wrong. No more time for relationships that don’t serve, or for staying in situations that aren’t authentically you.”

How do you want to spend the rest of your life?


19 thoughts on “My Kinda Midlife

  1. So true about midlife as we realize how fleeting and short this life is… After the incident with my heart I just want to experince all that I can and feel an urgency to do so…each day is precious..when I think about each day it brings happiness to my heart and I give thanks.
    Thank you Barbara for touching on this season in life. Love and miss you!

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    1. You left a full-blown comment! WooHoo! There is nothing wrong with slowing the pace as we get older. In my younger years, I moved so quickly, I may have missed a lot! Plus, pushing myself was hard on my body. Yes love….life is precious. We are now at the stage where we can slow down and truly adsorb the moments. Thank you lovely. xx Love you lots and miss you too!


  2. I think, “how do I want to spend the rest of my life?” is the main question of middle age (and even beyond, depending on how we define middle age.) I like the idea of asking instead, “Dear God, what would you have me do?” It’s the sort of question that leads to all the right answers!

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      1. I almost wasn’t tbh.

        You know, I never got a good look at your gravitar picture when we first bumped into each other. In the small pic that shows up on WP you struck me as a young man.

        Now that I’ve read some of your posts, it seems as though you are a 50 something-ish woman. So sorry I got mixed up and might have said a few things that were awkward.

        Anyway, I noticed you unfollowed a while back and I was going to do the same, but I heard the inner voice saying give it one more shot.

        I enjoyed what you had to say on this post.

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      2. I am crying! It’s way past time to change the gravitar, but I don’t enjoy taking pictures of myself.
        You and I met after my Breast Cancer Journey, and that photo was taken right after my hair grew back.
        I wonder how many other people think I’m a man! (Note to self-update gravitar)

        There is no need for apologies. Honesty prevails!

        I don’t follow that many people, tbh, I become overwhelmed by my reader!
        When time allows, I go to some of my favorite Blogs, and catch up on reading them.
        I’m sorry I haven’t been to yours recently, but will rectify that. Your writing is far beyond
        my scope, but I do enjoy learning from you, even if it makes my brain hurt! Haha

        Thank you for your transparency. You just gained a friend.

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      3. That’s awesome! Glad to hear that. I know, I’m currently writing a post addressing this “makes my brain hurt” issue. I know it does, but It is who I am and I only want the best for people.

        Funny, I try to make it as light as possible and I too have not gone all great guns to gain a huge following as there is only so much time I can devote to this. I’d rather have a small, but communicative following, if you know what I mean.

        Sorry about the breast cancer. I know how tough that can be. I know of several that have battled it. It’s not easy.

        I respect your voice, and appreciate you extending a hand in friendship. Friends it shall be!

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      4. Thanks so much for your sentiments.

        I’m glad your breast cancer led you to a good place. That’s a positive, because not all are strong enough to overcome the root causes. It’s good you were.

        There are many things I need to be doing right now. The blog is one of them. Priorities are one moment at a time. I seem to be pushing through the barriers as they present themselves. And this is good too.

        It seems like everyone moving ahead these days is doing this ๐Ÿ™‚

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      5. My pleasure.

        Well…it knocked me on my A$$, and placed me toe to toe with God.
        “Be still and know…” had all new meaning! It gave me the rest I sorely needed, and renewed strength for the journey ahead.
        I don’t recommend it as a way for God to get in your face, but it worked in my case.

        Choose between need and want.

        Yes, forward we shall go! xx

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      1. Yes….I love all of her books. I will reveal more about my journey, but an intricate part was bringing in the miracles. That is what led me to this book by Marianne. xx

        I believe a lot of people struggle with midlife, but at 50 something years old, I’ve never been more pleased. Mind, body and spirit! I’m embracing the space I’m in, and excited about the next chapter! Hopefully, this will inspire others to do the same. Thank you for being here. xx

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      2. As a 50 something person myself, I couldn’t agree more! Of course, it took me a little while to get to this mindset. I took the long way home, as they say.

        My story involves miracles as well. ๐Ÿ’•
        I LOVE the whole mind, body, spirit connection. I’m just now at a point where I can give some time to pursuing it, and I’m taking full advantage. I look forward to hearing more about your story. ๐Ÿ’•

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      3. I too felt like I was taking the long way home. That is actually one of the books that began this journey. “Finding Your Way Home”, by Melody Beattie. It led to another book, and another, until I landed here! It’s a very sweet spot, but I know there is so much more to come! Much love to you. xx

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