Find Your Dosha

I didn’t complete all four of the stained glass classes.

During the first class, I was with a group of ladies more mature in years than me. The teacher asked us to take turns introducing ourselves, and say why we’re here.

Each lady gave a similar answer. Their kids were grown, had left the nest, and they were looking for something to do.

When it was my turn, I said, “I just want to make something pretty!

I felt odd being there, and didn’t feel I was at that stage of life yet. I’m happy I went, and love trying new things.

My friend Paula reminded me of this.

I left the class with what I need to make a piece of stained glass. It’s sitting in a box, on a shelf, waiting for the day that the time is right. We have time, but we spend it wisely.

When I took the Ayurveda class, we learned our Dosha’s.

Again, the teacher was a woman more mature in years than me, as was the majority of class attendants. She is a beautiful soul, and I will go back to attend her Yoga class. While taking the test to see which of the three Dosha’s we were, she said, “Most of you will rate high as Vata, or Kapha, and that is normal for our age.” What is normal for our age?

I guess being over 50, it isn’t normal to rate high as Pitta, but I recall sitting in that class, feeling a fire burning within. Finding my Dosha explains a lot, like why I can’t tolerate spicy food, or stand in the sun for very long. Fire meets fire.


I rated high Pitta, with some Vata, and that is most likely due to my age, but that doesn’t stop me from trying new things. I believe we need to be on a continual journey of learning, otherwise we are stuck with old beliefs.

Marianne Williamson refers to these years as, “Re-greening.”

Sure, we slow our pace, and cannot physically do what we did when we were 20, but I don’t want to be any younger. I don’t know about you, but I finally have time to think!

“Internal work is sometimes done more easily while sitting there thinking than while busily running around. A frantic schedule helps us avoid taking a deeper look at ourselves, but by midlife such avoidance simply does not, and cannot work anymore. Slower lifestyles, candles, and soft music in the house, yoga, meditation, and the like are often signs of an internal re-greening.” (The Age of Miracles, M.W)

Thank you Marianne Williamson, for describing where I am, except the music part. I still listen to it way too loud.Travel-Photo-Quote

If you would like to find your Dosha, shoot me an email. I will be happy to send you the test.


10 thoughts on “Find Your Dosha

  1. I read through the Doshas and I’m not sure which one I would fit in. I know I’m constantly updating my belief system, tweaking it here and there as my awareness grows. So much of what I used to believe has been discarded.

    So you’re not into old ladies with stained glass? No biggie! I would feel the same way. I’m not quite ready to settle down and sit in front of the boob tube while knitting. I’ll take my weekly soccer game instead. I’m not old, just 52. 😉

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    1. You can be a part of all three. I had a lot of two in me, but you are right! We are hopefully, always changing, growing, and tweaking our awareness. Hahahaha…..Nope. Not ready to join the knitting circle. Hey! We are almost the same age. You are one year younger, young man. 🙂

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      1. I do have elements of all three now that I look at it again. I need to use Vata more. Spellcheck changes Vata to data. I’ve got plenty of data, thank you.

        That’s cool about the age. You are probably almost the same age as my wife.

        When we were dating, my older sister who is three years older than I, almost freaked that my (soon to be) wife was almost as old as she was. Lol! It was the first time I’d ever dated an older woman. “/

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      2. Hahahaha….good one! Age is just a number. A tally mark of how many years we have breathed in. When two souls align, that number isn’t really a factor. I am happy for your wife and you. xx

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  2. I do my best thinking by water! Be it the shower, beach, lake, bath or by the water fountain.
    I am loving the slower life style but still busy… But not so busy that one can not smell the flowers.
    Business is an admired image here in America but it comes with a price…so not worth it.
    Thank you for this piece…I too don’t fit in even though I am an empty nester.

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    1. It sounds like you are Kapha. Earth and water. When in balance you are stable, thoughtful, and compassionate. Sound just like you! Maybe when we get to a certain age, slowing down to enjoy life is more rewarding than being busy. Yea….we’re just rebels at heart, and we’re good with it. Much love my friend. ❤


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