Working From Home (SMS)

I walked into the bathroom, and there was the eye cream laying beside the sink. My daughter had left it for me, even though she normally takes it with her on the weekends. She knows I love that eye cream because it has shimmer in it, and it was a small, selfless act that showed great love.

My daughter returned home last weekend, and excitedly walked into her room. Normally, I spend the weekend doing small things all around the house to make our lives better, prettier, and more balanced. Her room might receive a new candle, or fresh flowers depending where I go that weekend. Last weekend, I stayed home and relaxed.

She said, “There is something different about my room, but I don’t know what it is.” Little does she know, I didn’t touch her room last weekend. It was exactly as she left it.

I’m working from home 7 days a week now, and it’s been an adjustment on many levels. We can still take time to care for one another, it’s just finding a balance. This weekend, I mopped the entire house, and you can feel the difference. I took the time to care for my daughter, even though she wasn’t here, but she will see it when she returns home.

I needed to strike a balance between work, and being present. The first week of the job, my daughter ran the errands, and figured out what was for dinner. She has enough to do, so this couldn’t last. This small act helped bring balance into our lives, and it was found in the kitchen!

How do you get away from the work when working from home? Step away, and walk into another room.

When I ran into an obstacle with a client, and needed to pause, I made cookies. By the time they went into the oven, God had revealed the solution. If the phone became quiet around 4:00, I started dinner. Choosing recipes I could walk away from if the phone rang. Some days, I let it go to voicemail, but returned the call after my break.

My daughter thanked me several times for cooking, and especially the cookies. She didn’t realize cooking was saving my sanity, and being therapeutic.

When she returns today, her sheets have been washed in the Tyler wash we have come to love. A candle is lit in her room, so it smells like home when she walks in. Just like leaving the eye cream for me to enjoy; taking the time to do small things for her, brings a smile to working from home.

9 thoughts on “Working From Home (SMS)

  1. My work is kind of all over the place at the moment – often at home, some days training people, some days trying to tame the garden while working out my schedule! Thank you for a timely reminder of the little acts of love needed in my home so the girls know I’m seeking to be present despite the busyness.

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    1. You will strike a balance. Maybe you are in a busy season, and just need to ride the wave. 🙂

      It didn’t hit me how much those little things mean, until she walked into her room last weekend, and couldn’t tell I had been there. Yesterday, she could tell, and was happy. It doesn’t take much for them to feel your presence, and that’s the most important job of all. Much love lovely. xx

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  2. My Mom was a single mom and went out of her way to do nice little things for us even though she couldn’t afford much. It’s nice to see the reciprocal relationship you have with your daughter.

    Working at home isn’t always easy. Much more distractions. I’ve done it a few times and find it very satisfying, yet at the same time I have to be very disciplined with my time, because who isn’t drawn to some aspect of just living?

    I wish you the best in all your endeavours. 🙂

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