Trail of Glitter

I don’t think about death very often, but just like a lot of things in life, I know what I don’t want when it happens. My daughter knows I want to be cremated, and scatter my ashes somewhere beautiful. I saw this Meme the other day, and read it to her. Now she has added glitter to that list.


When my daughter was little, she didn’t get to play with glitter. It was too messy, and it never went away completely. As she got older, we embraced the mess it made, and we’d smile when we found a piece from months ago.

We have Christmas ornaments covered in glitter, and most of my friends know when they give me something, if it’s covered in glitter, that’s even better. The other day, after practicing Yoga, I rolled up my mat to find a piece of glitter stuck to the bottom of my foot. We haven’t even had any glitter in this house, so I guess it followed us here.

My daughter texted me yesterday that Kate Spade committed suicide. I laid my phone on the table, at the luncheon, and gazed at my Kate Spade phone case purchased a couple of weeks ago. It’s a black, leather case with her name and spade embossed in gold.

She left a trail of glitter, and I hope is now on one of gold.


11 thoughts on “Trail of Glitter

  1. Dad and Mom divorced when I was about two. Regarding glitter, when Christmas would come around, the two homes had very different arrangements. Dad’s tree had blue bulbs made out of material and very little lights. The tree itself was sometimes huge, over ten feet, but spartan in appearance.

    Mom had the festive arrangement. You could barely see the much shorter tree, because there was so much pizzaz hanging on it. Sparkly everything, everywhere you looked.

    That was probably their personalities on display right there. The glitter was fun, inviting, but perhaps not so appropriate. Oh well, though as an adult I lean toward dispensing with tree and Christmas altogether for that matter, I still like an atmosphere that is warm and inviting.

    I’m not that much into death, but if you have to go, depart with that warm and inviting feel, …and perhaps a little pizzaz.

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    1. Don’t even get me started about the tree! It’s my daughter’s favorite time of the year, and each one has been special. Oh my, your Mom and I would be friends.

      Like most things, it’s not the amount of objects, but the overwhelming amount of love. Thank you for sharing my friend. xxx

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  2. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even know that about Kate Sade. I am wearing a pair of her eye glasses right now and every pair of glasses I have owned over the last 8 yrs…maybe. Life is so fragile. I think today I will wear a little glitter in honor of her. Thank you for sharing as always.

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