Once is Enough

Last week, I deleted my Facebook account.

It’s been on my heart to do so all year. One of those last things to ‘let go’ of. The key to doing something like this, and be filled with peace afterwards, is to do it a non emotional state. Sitting calmly in front of my laptop, staring at the number of followers, I let go, and clicked deactivate.

Two weeks ago, I almost got myself fired from my job.

One of my virtual assistant employers asked if I would receive their incoming calls, and I agreed. They were forwarded to a cell phone, and it took a couple of weeks to discover why they wanted them forwarded. It was like politely fencing with a sales person every time the phone would ring. By week three I was done taking those calls.

My salary might decrease, but my joy will increase!


It’s okay to let go of things that are no longer fulfilling.

What do I want to do to bring in income? I’m not sure, but I’m staying open to whatever God has in store. He’s good at signs, and sometimes he has them printed out on neon paper, and hangs it on a door. That occurred last week.

There was a ‘help wanted’ sign on the door of a local drugstore I walked into. I’ve never thought about working at a drugstore before, but it makes sense. The people coming in there want to feel better. Maybe they are going through a Cancer journey of their own, and I can relate.

I don’t know the reason, but I responded to the sign.

I filled out an application, and they called the next day for an interview. The only real experience I have is customer service, and I care about people. It’s been 30 years since I ran a cash register, and they look a tad bit different today!

I’m excited about doing a job I’ve never done, and plugging into community! The application process has been lengthy, but God keeps nudging me along. I’m encouraged that it hasn’t been easy, but it’s moving quick. I’m just waiting for the papers to go through, and they will give me a start date.

I told my daughter this morning, “Here I am again, living in the unknown.” The unknown is beginning to feel normal.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.


Update-I didn’t take the job. Sometimes God just wants us to walk through the door in obedience.  I’m willing to walk through every door, but it doesn’t mean I have to stay.


34 thoughts on “Once is Enough

  1. Kudos to you for letting go of Facebook! I struggle with it myself and have often thought about deleting it because it takes away so much that would be better spent learning something new or read a book. I’m happy with WordPress being my mayor social media platform as people here are much nicer and actually have interesting things to say instead of sharing silly selfies.
    And good luck with the new job – it sounds like a great opportunity to discover new meaning and purpose in life. xx

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    1. Thank you darling. xx It wasn’t an easy choice. My Letitgocoach FB page had over 10,000 followers, but thanks to FB’s new algorithm, people were not being reached.

      Then I received an email from FB congratulating me for spending 6 years with them. It didn’t feel like an accomplishment, and saddened me to think of that many years gone.

      What did I have to show for the time spent? I couldn’t think of anything it had given, only what it had taken.

      Yes lovely, I’m happy with the WordPress community too! I learn so much from so many!

      Ah, need to write an update about the job. The one I wrote about in this post didn’t transpire, but the path lead to another one that I interview for this Saturday. Will let you know how it goes.

      Thank you for sharing your kind words, and yes, I read a lot of books now, and have them laying all over the house! New meaning and purpose indeed! Much love. xxx

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      1. Wishing you good luck with the interview then! Let us know how it went!

        As to FB – finally someone who says that it takes more than it gives! I have the exact same feeling about it.
        Glad you also feel as happy with WP as I do!

        Have an awesome weekend! xx 🙂

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  2. Love button 💓
    This made my heart sing for you, and fits so much with this season of connecting to your local community. What an opportunity to love on people. I’ve spent times in crisis waiting for anxiety/depression meds feeling just simply awful. I can imagine your love across the counter will be just what many, many people need. Hooray!

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      1. As you know, I thought about leaving FB for a long time too, before finally closing it. So wasn’t a hasty decision. More time to do things without the unnecessary distractions and the unwanted feelings I was getting.

        Much love back. x

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      2. Yes ma’am. I watched you close your account. You did it very elegantly using a poll. It’s not your friends fault for not interacting with your posts. Facebook chooses which friends get to see them, and it’s the same ones that have liked, or commented on them in the past. Organic reach is gone. Yes, there is something majorly wrong when ‘social’ media causes a feeling of unwanted. You inspire me lovely! xx

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      3. Yes, I know from Facebook, that they don’t help either, but if friends have 501 friends and plus, then there is no way you can keep in touch with those 501+ friends.
        As you know, my friends were a small group as I chose quality, over quantity. xx

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      4. For me, I only allowed friends in. But my friends were split into three categories. Their were close friends, acquaintances and a small few who ended up where they could only see public posts.
        The close friends knew everything I shared.
        Acquaintances a little less and public posts.
        And the small few who ended up where they could only see public posts were the ones I felt and wondered if I was an audience, or had too many friends to keep up. So they only seen public posts. x

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      5. It’s interesting how we were encouraged to label the people in our lives. Place them in categories. I try not to do that in real life, which I’m enjoying very much! Thank you my friend. xxx

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  3. I am in awe of your severing ties with FB. I have been struggling with a love/hate relationship with the FB Beast. Another friend deleted her account years ago and has never regretted it. I have been thinking about it for a long time, but I stay in touch with quite a few people there, plus it is the main means of communication with the ladies group at my church. I’ve thought about starting a brandnew account with a VERY limited number of people on it, and deleting this old one. What to do… what to do? :/

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    1. It was a struggle, but at some point you get tired of struggling. What makes your heart happy when you ponder it? For me, it was about time spent. How was I spending my time, and was it adding value to my life and others? The only friend that came looking for me is a woman in the UK, and she sent an email.

      How did you connect with these ladies before FB? You will know the answer when the time is right. xx Much love. xx

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  4. Good for you. I am so proud of you and I still want to be you when I grow up. I know that I am 76, but I have hope in the same God who guides you.

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  5. I had a similar incident this week. I didn’t even know I needed a job. But I overheard a conversation where one was asking another where to find a good finish contractor. I haven’t done that in several years, but I am good at it. I inquired if I could help. Guess what? Got the job.

    Btw, I relate to the FB deactivation as well. I used to have 3500 twitter followers. I was feeling the need to discontinue. What a peace in the aftermath!

    Blessings on your peace and progress. xx 🙂

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    1. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!!!

      I was in similar mindset. I didn’t ‘need’ a job. I already have two, but isn’t that a sweet space to be in? To want it, instead of needing it? We probably have similar tool boxes of things we’ve done and skills learned over the years. Good for you for dusting that one off.

      Whatever God asks of us brings peace. Many blessings to you my friend. xxx

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      1. Thanks for the support. It is nice to want instead of need on this front. No doubt we have similar toolboxes. I’ve done so many things, and it sounds like that has been your path as well.

        This one is more of a reaching out to someone in need. I’m really curious to see where it goes because of that.

        It’s nice to choose one’s own path though, rather than being forced through a tunnel because you have to.

        I wish you all the best with your new endeavour also! Blessings friend. <>

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      2. You always have my support. Unless you go way off the deep end, then we will have a chat. 🙂

        I’m curious to hear where it goes because you reached out through your heart. I haven’t heard anything in a couple of days, but will keep you posted! xxx

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  6. Inspiring post! I am currently going through the process of transition with my current job so it’s warming to know that I too can find comfort in the unknown. All the best on your new endeavors xx

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    1. You will do great! Something I’ve learned is to not get overly focused on that one specific job. It’s often stepping stones along the path leading to the next right thing. Thank you lovely! Life is truly an adventure! xxx

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