Stand in the Rain

Why does everything look better after the rain?

This evening, I sat down on the step outside, and looked over at a plant. This plant has struggled and was nearly dead. I had set it aside, not knowing what to do. It hasn’t looked happy in a long time. Then, it sat in the rain. Now it’s unrecognizable. I wasn’t sure it was the same plant.

It’s alive and thriving.

Maybe we don’t need as much attention as we think we do.

Next time it rains, I want to stand in the rain.

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Barb is a writer, Entrepreneur, Mom and best friend to her semi-adult daughter. She will dip cookies in her coffee in the morning and has a pretty healthy obsession for chocolate. When she started this Blog in 2014 Letitgocoach was what stuck. Her life today is an example of Letting Go and Letting God.

18 thoughts on “Stand in the Rain”

  1. Huh… that’s pretty cool. I was just looking at my old pictures and I also made a picture of me smiling, with the caption “There’ll be smiling in the rain.” 🙂 There has indeed been smiling in the rain.

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  2. This reminds me of a very “emo” picture I created when I was really struggling with depression. I overlayed a picture of a girl standing in the rain, over a rather sad looking picture of me. Though I couldn’t feel the way I knew I should I was trying to express that I was still standing, and still determined I would get through my storm. I even used the words, as you have here, typed across my picture: Stand in the rain. I did get through that storm with God, and I’ll keep getting through my storms by His grace. Thanks for sharing!

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      1. Yeah, it’s got me thinking about something. I’m kind of wondering if He wants me to share that story, but I really don’t know where to begin, and I’m not 100 percent sure it’s time, or that I’m ready. But I’m definitely wondering…

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