Attitude Is Everything

The first house my daughter and I lived in didn’t have a washer and dryer. That was not a deal breaker, we were just excited about our new life.

Once a week we went to the Laundromat.

Photo by Bianca Jordan on Unsplash

I had to make a choice to see this as a positive.

We lived in the country and the nearest Laundromat was 30 minutes away, but we learned a lot!

We valued clean clothes more than before since we didn’t have a washer/dryer readily available. We learned to include other errands along with the Laundromat. She would wash her clothes while visiting her father, and bring them home clean.

Of course my plan was to buy a used washer and dryer, but the laundry room in our home was tiny! It would only accommodate a small stackable unit and I knew I would not want to use that for years to come. The great thing about the Laundromat is you can wash and dry 6 loads of laundry in record time.

My daughter began growing weary of our trips to the Laundromat, but remained grateful. We believed our next house would have a washer and dryer, but that was dependent on our attitudes in the moment.  I believe you have to be happy where you are, before you can move forward.

After a year and a half of using the Laundromat, the next house we moved into had a washer and dryer. They weren’t new, but we loved them!

When we came to look at the house we live in now, the first thing both of us noticed was…


A brand new washer and dryer!

Every journey has to start somewhere, and becomes more beautiful over time if we keep the right attitude. Yes lovey. xx Attitude is Everything.


10 thoughts on “Attitude Is Everything

  1. Love this post…I think that everything starts with gratitude and even though sometimes we get so caught up in life and we forget to be consciously grateful its important to bring ourselves back to that space where we can truly appreciate small and large gifts that are given to us…and I truly believe (like you do) that if we maintain that space of gratitude for the small things then more will follow….

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    1. We are on the same page. We have to do very well with a little before we can be trusted with more. Being grateful for the Laundromat was really being grateful for clean clothes. The location didn’t matter.

      To this day, we don’t leave laundry laying in the washer or dryer for any length of time to show our faithfulness. Thank you for being here! xxx


  2. I was captivated by your article. I live in Mexico and come from Canada, where all these things were the norm in my life. When I moved to Mexico, the same thing happened to me. But the difference is I take my clothes to a great couple for whom doing laundry is their business. So that started in 2002. In 2005 I bought my condo, furnished it BUT I didn’t buy a washer/dryer. I’d become used to the smells of the laundry, the way the couple packed each article so sweetly. Every year I’d say to myself, “time to get a washer/dryer.” It’s 2018–I still take my laundry out. I love that you wrote about something so simple and made it special. Thank you!

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    1. Dear Lynda. Thank you for your lovely comment. Your words fill my heart with goodness! You also reminded me that I left that part out of the post.

      There were a few times that I was just crunched for time, and asked the lady at the laundromat to do them for me. Now, this wasn’t her business, and she always looked tired to me, but if I could have found a couple like yours?, I would do the same as you!

      The smells are so important aren’t they?

      When they love what they do, it comes through in their service. I am all for supporting local services. 🙂

      Because of you Lynda, I will add this to my vision board. When looking for a house to live in at the beach, make sure there is no washer/dryer. Find someone who will care for my laundry instead. xxx

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  3. 🙂 The Universe knows exactly what you want. You attracted the washer and the dryer into your life.

    If you are not already familiar with the Law of Attraction, look it up on Google.

    Have a blessed week, Barb.

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