I Scare People

I love on people. That’s what I do. It’s scary to some.

I refer to almost everyone who crosses my path as ‘lovely’. If you’re a man, you will be called, ‘darling’. If I see you in person, you’re going to get a hug. In today’s world, this can be misinterpreted as flirting.

This is why it took so long for me to reply to comments. If you comment on my writing, you’re going to receive a bucket of love dumped on you. That’s just who I am, so consider yourself warned.

It’s my way of giving to the world through love.

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

I have a male Blogger friend with a lovely wife.

He commented on one of my posts, but when I responded, he was very quick to tell me how much he adored his wife. Haha I knew he was married, and respect what they have. Once he saw it’s who I am we became friends, and I adore him to this day.

What this Blogger did for me is immeasurable.

He let me practice responding to his comments.

We became soulmates in this virtual community. All of our comments were not published because they would be misconstrued. We encouraged one another to become our authentic selves. He hasn’t Blogged all summer, so I hope he’s writing a book.

Even though he’s not here, what he taught me is.

To the waiter in the restaurant, I say, “Thank you darling.” To the cashier behind the counter, “Have a glorious day lovely!” I can feel them being lifted up.

And to the soul reading this, ‘Welcome to my world’, but don’t be afraid. You’re supposed to feel loved.

11 thoughts on “I Scare People

  1. I am never offended by naturally friendly and loving people being friendly and loving. Personally, it’s easy for me to tell the difference between genuine friendliness and something that’s inappropriate. Just be you!

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  2. 🙂 Barb, the most important thing is that you always be yourself and you are a very nice person; therefore you will always be nice to others.

    It is just that people have accepted being cold and hostile towards each other as the norm.

    So, in most instances when someone is being nice to a person, they tend to believe that you want something from that person.

    Have a great day, my friend!

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    1. Thank you darling. xx To be our authentic self requires just that. What you see is who I am. Everyone will think or feel how they were taught. I have no control over that.

      You have a great day too, my friend!!!!

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