Fight For You

I don’t get mad, but this morning, I am seething for another Blogger. She is a newbie, and a bully came out to play on her Blog.

She wrote a Blog referring to the neighborhood she grew up in as the ‘Ghetto.’ Whose neighborhood was it? Hers.

The bully left a long, derogatory comment on her post.

I’ve had one derogatory comment left on my Blog.

It was when I was a member of Patreon, and trying to raise money to publish a book. This guy raked me over the coals for trying to get paid for my work.

His comment didn’t bother me because I’ve learned something. What we say and do can touch a nerve in other souls, and they lash out at us for touching that nerve. His comment was hateful, but eloquently written, so I wondered if he was a writer that didn’t get paid. I didn’t respond, and hit delete.

Don’t respond to bullies. That’s what they want.

My new friend has only been Blogging for a few weeks, and she is writing about her past. We all know how healing that can be, but that one comment crushed her spirit. She deleted all her posts!

What’s amazing is we have to maneuver our way through a post with an F bomb in every sentence, and that’s completely acceptable, but she gets slayed for using ‘Ghetto’.

My friend, if you are reading this, I want you to know you are loved. You woke up this morning to a new beginning, and I pray you will leap onto the path and write.


30 thoughts on “Fight For You

  1. Especially on a place like WordPress where feeling are raw and uncensored. People should learn to be a little more empathetic and not leave derregatory comments. They should take their hate elsewhere. I do hope she comes back and starts writing again. To hell with the attention seeking losers. Thanks for your post which exposes what we vulnerable bloggers are open to.πŸ™πŸ’ž

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    1. Mama used to say, “If you can’t say anything nice, keep your lips zipped.” πŸ™‚

      When we write on a personal, heartfelt level, our posts stir up dust covered emotions in Readers. It’s human nature to lash out at the culprit who made them remember something painful, but that pain belongs to them. That becomes the personal part.

      I’ve had ex-loves hunt me down over a moment written about them, but I didn’t use their name, and wrote about the lesson learned rather than the actual event. They should be happy I learned something with them and see how they complimented my life. xxx Thank you love. xx


  2. I’m so sorry that happened to a new blogger, and that she took his comments to heart. She gets to call the neighborhood she grew up in whatever she wants, especially on her blog. If he found it offensive, he didn’t need to read it. I don’t understand where we got this idea that we are allowed to censor what others say, especially when they aren’t deliberately being offensive. Like you, I don’t get why posts with tons of curse words are okay, but someone being honest about their background isn’t. I really hope she puts her posts back out there, and just ignores his comment. He’s entitled to his opinion, but he didn’t need to attack her for stating hers.

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      1. You did the right thing. Fighting for our daughter’s is top priority! It may look hopeless on paper, but things have a way of working out in our favor if we keep doing the next right thing.

        It takes time to figure out finances when you’re newly ‘on your own.’ You fought for your daughter, now fight for yourself. Stay in today, and do what is in front of you today. I believe in you. Hugs. xx


      2. Thank you so much for that! Like, I struggle every day to be happy and it hurts when I am because Megan is gone. I’m at the point where I just gave it all the God; another reason why I created this blog is because I want my story out there to get people to understand and maybe get it public to where maybe I can get help.

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  3. hi, that’s sad . i don’t know if i ever read one of your friends blogs but help your friend with the settings so the can flush such nonsense away . let us all know when your friend is blogging again so we can go and give them a big thumbs up welcome back. kindest regards bg πŸ™‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ™‚

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  4. I pray she keeps writing. Sad. I’m sorry you went through that as well. Bullies are going to bully. Delete them from your page, block and do the same thing in life.

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    1. It is sad, but it instances like these that make us stronger and better if we choose to go that route. We may not be far from having such buttons in real life. Recently, I did a Google search for a ‘smiling face’, and it pulled up the emoji. There was no human face. Now that is sad! xxx


  5. I had someone write a hilarious, long-winded insult to one of my blogs, once. It was actually someone I knew and had been friends with before. What she didn’t know was that I moderate all new comments. I deleted it, and never said a word. Most satisfying thing I’ve ever done was not even acknowledge that BS. I hope your blogging friend comes back. 😦

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    1. Right? That’s what is even more mind boggling is the meanie was once a friend! (noticed past tense)

      My uneducated guess about my Blogger friends post was….It was probably a family member that gave her hell! They didn’t want the neighborhood they grew up in to be referred to as such. xxx

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      1. Hey there lovely! xx If you go into your list of followers, you can click ‘remove’. After that it may give you the option to block?

        I know you can go into settings, click the ‘discussion’ tab, and scroll down to ‘Blacklist’. There you can input their email address and block them. That is where my bully sits. πŸ™‚

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