Stop Feeling Guilty

Yesterday, I slept for a solid 15 hours.

When I fell asleep it was daylight, and when I awoke it was daylight. There are no regrets.

My body was tired, and today it feels more human.

When deciding what to wear for the day, I chose a t-shirt that says, “100% Human”, on the little front pocket, just as a mental note of what I need to be.

I yearned for simple pleasures today. I wanted to wash my clothes in perfume, but my bottle of Nu Wash was empty. The hardware store I went.

Being away from home for several days, there was not much food in the house, but I opted for the grocery store next to the hardware store. Simply stocked with less distractions and minimal driving.

My initial thought was the frozen organic food section for something to pop in the oven. Something pre-made, but I don’t do a lot of pre-made food. If it has more than 5 ingredients listed, I need to recognize every ingredient. I’m just weird that way.

As an example, I bought some pasta, and saw a container of Alfredo sauce. It was a good brand, but had chemicals listed. Butter, flour, cream and Parmesan equal cream sauce, and I had everything at home but the cream, so I bought some cream.

Standing in the checkout of the store, there was a conversation going on between cashier and customer. The customer was buying a reusable K-Cup. She was telling the cashier it would save her money on coffee. The cashier told her a bag of coffee would last him a year. I was having trouble comprehending this conversation, and felt guilty.

Save money on coffee? Out of all the things you can save money on you’re going to choose coffee?

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash

It would probably shock you to know how much I spend on a bag of coffee, but seeing the picture above become reality at a moments notice is priceless. I don’t own a TV, or have a cable bill.

I’d rather have good coffee, and perfumed clothes.

Love me, love my coffee, or in the least don’t object.

Stop feeling guilty for living a life worth living.

19 thoughts on “Stop Feeling Guilty

    1. Gary-I was thinking this morning of scars. I recalled a Meme that said, “God will not look you over for medals, but for scars.” They are a sort of proof that we went through some shit. 🙂

      So, yes my new friend. I have learned, and so will you. xx Thank you. xx


    1. You know…I can relate to what you are saying, but I didn’t feel bad at all. Maybe because I still woke up early, and didn’t sleep the day away? Now, this morning I woke up at 5am ready to go. I guess my body got caught up on it’s rest! xxx

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      1. Yes, that will be why you was ok then, for still being up early. I thought by the time you was awake you had lay in bed a bit longer.
        I can be in bed half an hour longer than normal and it affects my day. I avoid having lie in’s now and keep to a set early time of 7am. An hour early than I used to get up. I am liking my extra hour, even if there is no reason to get up at that time. 🙂

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  1. The other morning I slept in until 10:30. I just did not wake up until then. On the other hand my hubby often wakes up at 6 am. At 10:30 he came into the bedroom and said “Are you getting up today? It’s 10:30.” Just like a parent. I think he was jealous. Either that or he would allow himself the thought of sleeping in until 10:30am. I replied ” Oh my God, how terrible that I slept in until 10:30am.” I did not feel guilty.

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    1. Good for you lovely! xx Yes, I rarely sleep late in the morning. Even sleeping for 15 hours, I woke up at 8:00 am, but didn’t that feel good?

      My guess would be, he was jealous for not giving himself permission to do so when needed. xxx


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