It’s So Extra

I’m making way too much out of this magazine, but I’m in love with it.

Waiting in line at a bookstore when I saw it, it just stood there and drew me in. If you need something beautiful this is it. If you need inspiration for your writing, this is it, or if you need to hold something in your hand that feels magical, this is it.

Bella Grace

There are no advertisements, and it’s more like water for your soul than a magazine. It’s actually referred to as a book-a-zine because it feels like a book in your hand. Each page is a delightful weight of paper, and absolutely beautiful!

Bella Grace Issue 8

We have the same beliefs. The back cover says,

“We believe an ordinary life can be extraordinary. There is beauty in Imperfection, and that magic can be found in the everyday.”

There is so much it, it only comes out quarterly.

Be inspired my friends, and place some ‘extra’ in front of your ordinary. It’s so extra.

10 thoughts on “It’s So Extra

  1. I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks, I am catching up with my WordPress friends! This post reminded me of a lovely movie: The Magic of Ordinary Days — one of those Hallmark Hall of Fame movies. It was my mama’s favorite. She’s been gone 3 years and I enjoy watching this movie from time to time because it makes me feel close to her. ❤

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