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This morning, I paid money to use an app.

This is somewhat of a milestone for me, but after using it for 10 days, I was hooked! I whined to my daughter about my free trial ending soon, and she referred me to another one. It just wasn’t the same.

I did some research and tried a couple of other apps that said they were free. They are all free for a certain amount of days. (Read the fine print)

This app is one of the things I’m doing for myself.

That is a lot of what the over 50 part of life is about.

I’ve raised the kid, had successful businesses, been through the divorce, crawled through Cancer, so by golly it’s me time! I feel no guilt over this. A lot of empty nester’s don’t know what to do with their extra time. This app will teach you to embrace it.

What set this app apart from all the others was the voice. It’s such a soothing voice with a slight accent.

Even when the voice would pause, you could feel the pause. After purchasing the app, I wondered if it was a computerized voice, so, I googled it. The voice is a real person, and he is THE voice of Headspace.

Many of these apps use a variety of speakers, but I like simple. Thank you Andy for sharing your voice. It’s because of that voice, and the subtle changes I’ve noticed in me over the past 10 days that I purchased your app. I am thrilled to find some Headspace.


8 thoughts on “Find Some Headspace

  1. The Headspace app is an incredibly valuable part of my life. We discovered it about four years ago and after renewing year-after-year, I finally said, “lifetime membership!” I love the Everyday Headspace meditations; the wisdom in Andy’s words is hugely helpful for me. I appreciate that he repeats concepts different ways and in different packs, because it takes me multiple times of hearing something for it to finally sink in. And the meditations are brilliant at illustrating concepts. On one hand, it’s incredibly simple; and yet, actually staying open to the message and following it is harder than it seems. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to successfully sit for meditation and have it become part of my life.

    Part of what I blog about are concepts (noting and letting go) he talks about. Actually, my “Mentor Cat” post is exactly about that!!

    So lovely to read your review of it and to hear you like it!

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