Quiet is Good

My life is quiet. I created it that way on purpose.

Some people cannot embrace the quiet. They have to stay busy. The stillness of life is a beautiful thing. Have you practiced just sitting in it?

Sometime last year, I took all the apps off of my phone that made noise. I have an undying love for Google, so the Google family of apps stayed.

My phone may be quiet, but my mind is not.

I’m always thinking, and this was disturbing my sleep. It would take so long for my brain to shut off, I started dreading bedtime. Plus, I would wake up the next day tired from trying to get some sleep!

I tried a lot of things to prepare my mind for bed.

My daughter recommended Melatonin, but that just knocked me out. This is the same daughter that told me, “You look tired.” I longed for a good night’s sleep. That feeling of drifting off to dreamland.

The other night, I laid in bed and listened to my breathing. In my mind, I heard my Yoga instructor say as if to remind me, “It’s all in the breath.”

I’ve been practicing Yoga and meditation all year.

I’ve been doing both of them wrong.

Yoga was a form of exercise for me, but that is not it’s main purpose. That is more like a fringe benefit.

I could never get my mind quiet long enough to meditate. Guess what? I’m not supposed to. It’s okay to be mindful of your thoughts during meditation.


This is when I tried Headspace for 10 days straight.

My daughter mentioned I was ‘sighing’ a lot, but it wasn’t a sigh. It was controlled breathing. I was sorting through my thoughts with each breath.

Two nights ago, guess how I fell asleep?

By counting my breath. Just being aware of my breath, and counting each inhale and exhale.

I felt myself drifting off to sleep. Quiet is good.

6 thoughts on “Quiet is Good

  1. Very interesting post. I’m one of those thoughts running people….I find it impossible for my mind to be still….very thought provoking (not that I needed my thoughts to be provoked)

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  2. I know what it is like to have thoughts bombard your mind and the feeling that you cannot switch them off. I agree that once you accept that it’s ok for thoughts to be there but keep bringing your focus back to your breathing, then you are meditating. Good Job.

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    1. There’s a technique called ‘noting’. It’s when you lightly touch the thought with a feather.

      The best example I’ve heard of my overactive mind is…sitting on the side of the road watching traffic. Can I be content just sitting there watching it zoom by, or do I feel a need to do something about it? To run in and try and control it. Mama always said, “Don’t play in the street.” 🙂 Thank you lovely. xx

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  3. I love the quiet it has been essential for my healing. I do not do meditation at all, I prefer to contemplate on different subjects a lot of the guided meditations take you into negative plains. I would recommend Chamomile Tea to help you sleep. The nervous system requires quiet to heal from many emotional strains, blocking or filling it with noise will not help. You will begin to sleep the more you are quiet. Then you will find peace within the quiet within your soul. Good you found this yourself, silence and quiet are the best healers.

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