Just Write

Looking through my Reader at the list of people I follow is disturbing. There are so many writers not writing. Some have not published a post for days, weeks, even months. If you are on WordPress right now reading this, I have to ask…”Are you writing?”

I met a girlfriend for coffee this morning. 🙂

She has the potential of becoming a great writer!

She told me what her sister said about her writing. She said,”You are just doing that for attention.”

That was disturbing for me on so many levels.

We agreed that her sister tried to hurt her, and what she said is mean. I responded with, “I guess it depends whether or not you’re willing to let that stop you.” She is not writing as much as before.



I’ve read a lot of ‘rules of writing’, and had to let them go. The rules caused me to second guess my writing. Do you know the secret of being a writer?

You have to WRITE! It’s that simple.

I’ve taken many a break from posting Blogs. I even thought at one time of giving up writing. It was probably one of the saddest moments of my life, but that is what happens when your break is too long.

It feels easier to quit than to start writing again.

It doesn’t matter how many times we begin again, as long as we don’t quit altogether. I publish more now than I have in a long time, and you know what changed? I did. I stopped analyzing and I just write.

I stopped watching the stats. I stopped caring what everyone thinks. I stopped feeling like a spammer for publishing two posts in one day.

I decided to write for the pure joy of writing, still holding hope that someone would grasp something from it. When I felt an urge to write, (like now), to just let it flow, and stop letting things stand in the way. It has become a priority for me because Lord knows the only way to get better at it is by doing! 

One of my all time favorite quotes.

Who says you have to have a researched topic?

Some of my favorite Blog posts are written by people struggling to write! They usually have some sort of breakthrough by the end of the post, and feel better. If nothing else, they get kudos for writing!

I begin each day inside my Reader over coffee.

Out of all the Blogs I follow, there may be half a dozen new posts each morning. If I follow you, I want to hear every word you’re thinking.

You don’t need permission to fill up my Reader.

I have plenty of coffee, and I enjoy spending my morning with you. Let me encourage you to forget what everyone else is saying, thinking or doing and just write. And then hit publish. I’ll bring the coffee.

34 responses to “Just Write”

  1. The “You are just doing that for attention” comment is an overly harsh one. :/ Deep down that’s been one of my fears that if certain people in my personal life (as in real life) knew about my blog and the things I’ve shared on there, they might think I am doing it to seek attention too. I know the main reason I write on WordPress is because there are things I am not comfortable discussing in real life; either because I don’t feel I have people I can talk openly with about those topics or the topics themselves are easier to share in written form rather than verbally.

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    • I agree lovely, but harsh comments come from harsh people. Hurt people, hurt people.

      You know the main reason and that is all that matters. Write until your heart is healed, and then write some more! Thank you lovely. xxx

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  2. I almost gave up writing yesterday but didn’t want to let myself or anyone else down so I didn’t but reading that was a boost. Thanks x

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  3. I am always writing…even if I don’t publish I am writing drafts and more often than not in my journal…thank you for this post…as always very inspiring…gotta go I suddenly have the urge to write lol 😉

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  4. I took a year off and almost did not come back. An email from a reader prompted me to write again. It was not easy but I did write 🙂

    Thank you so much for this. May I include this in my post picks for the month?

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    • Wow Stuart! A year??? That would be tough to come back to. The longest amount of time I’ve taken off was a month.

      The friend I met for coffee inspired me to write again. She told me to write about coffee, and I wrote several posts about that until I could feel the flame for writing ignite again.

      I am glad someone emailed you. Your posts are a joy to read. Of course you may include this post in your picks for the month. I am honored. Thank you my friend. xx


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