Call Me Katniss

I want to share a Blog with you.

I’ve followed this woman for years, and she has no idea the impact she’s had on my life. I found her during my Breast Cancer Journey, but she was ahead of me. Reading her posts gave me an idea of what to expect. Then, she just sopped writing.

She took a two year break.

She returned this year, and so did Cancer.

Her post this morning revealed her hair falling out from the Chemo. That is a feeling that doesn’t leave. You wake up to a pillow covered in hair, and head straight to the shower, but then the water hits your head, and the hair continues falling out, clinging to your dampened skin like plastic wrap.

It’s horrendous! The shower doesn’t wash it away!

I feel like she needs some love today.

I don’t think she’s ever responded to my comments, so don’t be offended if your comment receives no reply. She doesn’t have many followers, but her writing is wrapped in beauty. Let’s take a moment, and wrap our virtual arms around Call Me Katniss.

PS. You can also click here to view her Blog.

15 thoughts on “Call Me Katniss

  1. I am glad that this response went thru…I kept trying to comment on your post and it wasn’t showing that it went thru so you may have more than one response…lol

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  2. I followed her blog and read her posts….thankfully I have never had to walk that walk that she is walking and that you have walked…but I commented on some of her posts and sent my love and support to her so she knows that a stranger out there cares…thank you for introducing me to her blog…

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  3. Barb I immediately followed her and read her blog…it touched me…just as your story and your energy has touched me…I commented a couple of times on various posts giving support as best I can…I personally don’t know what she is going through or what you went through (thank God) but I have friends and family who have walked that walk…some beat it and some didn’t…so I send my heart and my prayers (which coming from a stranger may not be enough) but at least she will know that someone out there cares… ❤️

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