Battery Saving Mode


In the morning, I unplug my laptop to sit at the coffee table and read, or catch up with friends. 

I use it’s battery as my timer.

Doing things online drains our internal battery along with the laptop.

Right before the battery dies, it gives me a warning and goes into battery saving mode. At that point, I finish what I’m doing and plug it in to recharge.

While it recharges, so can I. 

My daughter and I were standing in line at a restaurant. It’s a very popular one around here, and it was lunchtime. Almost every person in line was scrolling through their phone. It was a sad sight.

How many were in battery saving mode? 

What would happen if we spent that time with the person standing next to us? Engage in conversation, or simply ask, “How are you today”, and really listen. 

This morning, a friend wrote a Blog about social media being draining. That is the biggest time and energy vampire of all. She set boundaries around it, and you can ready her inspiring post here

Writing this post used 60% battery. Step away from the screen and enjoy real life. Don’t live in battery saving mode. 

11 thoughts on “Battery Saving Mode

  1. Thank you soo much for sharing my blog, this made me so happy. I appreciate you! I absolutely love this reminder. It’s just sad that we can’t have proper conversations with people these days even in intimate settings. People forget that when they’re on the phones talking to other people when they could just have an Actual conversation with someone in real life. This month I will make an effort to put my phone done when I’m having conversations with people xxxx

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    1. You are welcome lovely! xx I appreciate you too! xx

      When I meet someone for coffee, I leave my phone in my truck. That way I’m not tempted to look at it, and can focus on my friend, and the conversation. Much love to you! xxx


  2. It’s sad but I’m afraid this epidemic of inappropriate phone usage will only continue. I am not immune to it either despite that I can see and feel its harmful effects. I do turn off the sound on my phone and set it aside during family meals, but I also don’t say anything when the person sitting next to me suddenly stops eating to type a response to a text message or is casually chewing while scrolling through Facebook or Youtube. I think even if I did say something, the behavior wouldn’t stop because we simply don’t know how to talk to each other.

    My family is weird, in the sense we’ve lived under the same roof and are used to being together but not together. So even before the rise of smartphones, technology was already an issue. I was growing up using television and computer games as a distraction while my parents worked long and tiring hours and came home to just wanting to sit down and relax and have their own free time. I’m not blaming them. It just happened to be that circumstance made things the way they did where actual communication between us became so sparse and awkward.

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    1. I’m sorry to hear that lovely. xx Communication is so important. Even if communication is sparse, you can sit down and enjoy the presence of one another during a meal. It’s becoming a lost art. xxx


  3. Love this…recently I have been feeling overwhelmed with my busy life…that is one of the measures that I am putting in place to dial down the craziness…xx

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  4. I sit on a bus and a majority will be on their phone. Another is when a family are eating out, but most of them are on their phone. It’s sad especially at meal times. Families should put their phone away. I would not have been allowed to read while having my dinner at the table, as a child. It was deemed as rude if you did. The phone should be treated the same.

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    1. That really is a sad sight. Going out to eat with family, and the phones. My daughter and I don’t bring our phones to the table, and we try not to notice them while spending time together. Thank you lovely. xxx

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      1. Yes, it is a sad sight. I think family meal times are precious. But I suppose this is because when I was a kid, mobile phones were just invented and certainly not affordable for parents to buy for their kids. Xx

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