Surround Yourself

It’s important what’s around you.

My bedroom has always been a haven.

I’ve had some glamorous ones, but the one I have now is simple. Do I miss the ginormous bedroom with it’s own sitting area? Nope. Now I sit in the middle of my bed, and watch the day begin as the sunlight streams through the double windows.

I’m surrounded by my favorite things.


This is a beautiful attitude adjuster.

It reminds me how we’re supposed to live our daily life. If we do all things with love, even things we might dread, the main emotion we feel is love.

Maybe you have a job you’re not particularly passionate about. Do it with love, and it gets better. Love encompasses and overpowers negativity.

Here is a card from my daughter.


I’ve had this frame for years. It has just enough bling, but on the verge of being gaudy. Seeing this card sitting by my bed makes me smile because it’s what my daughter sees, and what I strive to be.

People who love us can see our full potential. Even when we don’t, they do.

What does your world resonate? Is it filled with people and things that make you better? If not, you may want to change how you surround yourself.

(Featured Top Photo by Íris Juana on Unsplash)

8 thoughts on “Surround Yourself

  1. I decluttered many years ago and I like simplicity it leaves room for more positive energy. I love your pictures that would be enough for me. I do not like to see mirrors and have them inside my wardrobe door. All my rooms are very plain which makes them peaceful no distractions.

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    1. Yes lovely. xx You have to have empty space to add good things. Why do you avoid mirrors? We have them hanging at every corner. It’s good to catch a glimpse, and be at peace with who you see.

      Thank you for sharing. xxx

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      1. Mirrors can be portals to other dimensions. If prepared and cleansed you can use them to deflect negative energy. I have had some bad spirit experiences with mirrors I like to keep them covered or inside the wardrobe door.

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    1. Yes Renard. For years I was surrounded by too many things. They were just things provided by designers that had no meaning, but cost a lot!

      Now, I just have a few things in every room, but each piece speaks to me. They reflect the type person I am and who I want to be.

      Many blessings my friend. xxx

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