The Morning Pages

I’ve added another simple habit to my life.

It’s called, The Morning Pages.

This was daunting to begin. As you know I like my mornings, and coffee is an intricate part. You are to write three pages by hand, as soon after you awake. Or in my case, as soon as humanly possible.

diary girl hand journal
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The idea is to start before the brain starts.

The mind can quickly begin shooting off ideas about my day, so this has been an interesting exercise.

The first day was effortless. My mind wasn’t fully awake, so it felt like my heart was dictating the writing. There must be a small window of time to be in this space, because the next day I waited to begin.

It was a struggle between heart and mind.

So, the key is….do it before anything else.

Therein lies the beauty of the Morning Pages.

12 thoughts on “The Morning Pages

  1. I love this. I’ve started reading her book, The Artist’s Way…it’s so beautiful and inspiring! You can borrow if you’d like to – who knows when I’ll ever finish. Not sure it’s destined at this season in my life 😊❤️

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    1. That is where this journey began. I was looking to purchase the book you have, but then saw morning pages. I would love to borrow it when I’m finished reading this one. xx

      Yes, it would be difficult to achieve with a little one underfoot, but enjoy the season you’re in! xx I am semi-empty nest. ❤

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    1. First thing is best. If you have an automatic coffeemaker, it will work nicely. We make our coffee by hand each morning, so there is where I made my mistake on day two. xx By the time it was ready, my brain was at full speed. xx

      I couldn’t do this in the evening. Then I would just be recapturing moments of the day. A journal would be well suited for evening. The magic of morning pages is to capture what’s on the mind, and not necessarily ‘in’ it. xxx

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  2. So glad you’ve found The Morning Pages too! I’m doing them nearly half a year now though I have to admit they’ve turned into evening pages by now.😉 Happy writing! 💕

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